Emptiness and sticking the hand through the wall

While reading Drubdra Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin“s „Bringing dream onto the path“ the following thoughts came up:

When lucid, it is possible to stick one“s hand through a dream wall.
Sometimes it“s easy, sometimes it takes multiple tries.

Isn“t this a beautiful experiential teaching on emptiness?

When one at first feels resistance against putting the hand through the dream wall, is this not purely a mental tension of „solidity“ and is evoked only by association with the dream image of the dream wall but is not inherently „in the object“? The solidity in the dream is not really there. Otherwise one would never succeed in putting one’s hand through the dream wall.

While awake, when one sees a wall before touching it, where is this „feeling“ of solidity coming from? Is it inherent in the perceived „object wall“?

Or in our sensory experience of it? But one has not touched it yet…

When one goes on day by day to live in the world, is one really experiencing its solidity by direct sensory cognition?
Is one“s view of reality perhaps an unconscious mix of emotional expectations falsely attributed to objects and dynamic processes?

What can the dream wall teach oneself about how we map out the waking world?


Walls in general can make for a great contemplation. The Great Wall of China, The Good Wall that my neighbor put up, The Wall of Sound that a friend experienced a week ago that was so amazing for her, The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem . . . . In my recent lucid dream I put my hand through a wall, as is my habit, and with both hands full of “stuff” I put my head through a wall. It was exhilarating!

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@_Barry how did you experience it (putting your head through the wall)?

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It was kind of like a plop through transparent jello. I had a stack of suitcases in both hands and when I came to this building/wall, I thought it would be fun to just stick my head through it.

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Interesting… the „plop“ sounds like a kind of breaking through the illusion of solidity.


Those are some really deep questions.
I do believe that expectation and intention play a huge role in how solid the waking world is, just as in the dream world.

it is very counter intuitive.

I think this a spot on, very true. You can see this not just in the objects you encounter, but also the people you meet every day. If you approach them with anger, contraction, or hate, what do you think will be reflected back at you?
If you approach them with love, openness, and compassion, what do you think will be reflected back at you?

Really great question.

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Supposedly it got its name from an ancient Wall that it was built on top of.

How many heads and bodies got stuck in that wall?

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