"Fire all your guns at once" routine

I am half way through reading it. Appreciate your recommendation, you told me about it in a thread a few weeks back. Very good recommendation, I have been telling my friends to get it too.

That is really BRILLIANT. I am happy that you shared that. I think that tool is definitely a very strong one that I have not added to my arsenal yet. Will do it this week.

I feel that I am getting very close to achieving lucidity. The dreams I had last night were like 10-25% lucid. Meaning in the back of my mind I kind of realized what was going on was a dream, so the event that happened didn’t really phase me, but that awareness did not fully blossom. Hard to explain. Kind of like a whale breathing at the surface of the ocean for 1 second only to submerge again into the deep.

I think the meditations have definitely been helping, thank you for recommending that book. I almost wonder if there has to be a physical rewiring of the brain neurons to start achieving lucidity on demand? Kind of like the roots of trees moving, they move at the speed of trees…


Great, keep going and don’t pressure yourself. You are creating daily bit by bit the causes for future lucidity and will reap the fruits of what you are sowing.


Thank you, I appreciate all your help

Thought I would follow up with this dream experience.

I had my first false awakening dream this week. It happened the night of the full moon. Probably no coincidence :upside_down_face:

Also during that false awakening I checked my watch for the first time in the dreams that I can remember. I wasn’t doing a reality check though, but I think it is a good sign that the reality check behaviors are starting to sink into the subconscious.


Cool to hear that the RCs start to sink. Btw, when you checked the watch in the dream, do you remember what it looked like? Was it visually distorted?


Not visually distorted, but was visually off, meaning the time it read did not match the sunrise light coming in through the shades. I have not been using a digital watch to do the RCs, which I know now is incorrect, it must be done on a digital watch, not old one with hands.

Then I checked it a second time and the hands had drastically changed. I did not question it, which was a shame. But I am happy to see what I am sowing, I am starting to reap in a small way.

The night before that I had a premonition dream. That was pretty profound. I asked a woman to hold her baby. The baby was very very small, looked brad new. When I woke up, later in the day I was told my cousin had had a baby, she was premature, 4lbs, but healthy.

If you are wondering, I cant remember ever having a dream of holding a young baby, I don’t think I ever have had one. The vibration, emotional quality, and vividness of the dream, all deeply resonated with me when I woke up, and I made sure to right down every detail, because I knew something was different about that dream than most of the others I had had.
Had I not been keeping a dream journal, I know I would not be picking up on these subtle but very important differences between regular dreams, and dreams that are conveying a message.

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I’ve done something similar, beginning around May of this year (2022) and really picking it up in June. I had 2 LDs in June and 4 in July! I had started reading “The Art of Lucid Dreaming” by Clare Johnson and was intrigued to see her fresh approach to the practice. I thought I had finally “entered the chute” to rapid improvement but a very stubborn streak of sleep-maintenance insomnia has all but derailed the emphasis on lucidity, causing me to backtrack and seriously study sleep and insomnia so as to increase both quality and quantity. I’m continuing my “all day lucid presence” work, with the assumption that eventually my sleep will be fixed and I’ll have decently long REM cycles in which to practice. Sure hope so!


Thanks for this, I have just ordered it, to paraphrase Andrew ‘I will take wisdom from wherever I can find it’

Thanks and much love




Thank you for your help my friend and many thanks to @_Barry as well and many of the other members.

I had my first lucid,dream in a long time 2 weeks ago!

it was very short and did not last mosre than half a min, destabalized fast once I became aware.

the month of july I had 3 premonition dreams. that last of the 3 was also a lucid dream. that was my first lucid premonition dream I have ever had!

thank you all

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