Share your practice routine here

Aloha to you (greetings from Hawai’i)!

Do you have a daily routine that you perform to progress on your path?

I am a beginner and just dipping my toes into lucid dream practices but interested in how people structure their days.

What do you do, when you do it, what you began with and where are you now?

Thank you!

PS Sorry if this is topic that already exists elsewhere.:pray:


Hi Elena,

I am also interested in hearing about you’re routine and that of other members!

I am a beginner as wel. Last september I began writing down my dreams every morning. And setting intentions to remember my dreams and become lucid. I have been reading a lot of books on lucid dreaming in this period. I had a couple of lucid dreams after being awoken in the night and than setting my intention again. Becaus this worked, I have been practising a lot with the wake bed to bed technique in the weekends. I set my alarm after 5 to 6 hours, do 30 minutes of meditation, read about lucid dreaming, set my intention and go back to bed. I am now having maybe one lucid dream a week, but they mostly last really short. During the day I occaionally do a reality check, and often try to see everything as a dream. Also I made lists of things I want to explore in lucid dreaming to keep me inspired.

I have been meditaing for 10 year daily, and also on a number of retreats. I think I am benefiting from this experience a lot with lucid dreaming.