From Russia with love


What is your interpretation of this ~17,000 year old masterpiece?

It is my understanding that in a cave with hundreds of animals depicted, this is the only picture of a bird, and the onky one of a man.

I stumbled on this artwork almost a decade ago, and I am still trying to figure it out.

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hello everyone, I’m fine, so far anyway, but due to recent events in our beautiful country, I should be extremely careful, walking on eggshells, so to speak. I’m afraid to go to the front, to the war, because now mobilization and everyone is forcibly taken away from the army, I’m trying to defect from the country before my mobilization, and for now I’m trying not to live at home. maybe I can get to North America.


Hey Boris,
wishing you all the best and good luck. Take care.


Go with God and be safe.

I heard from a friend that many citizens are leaving the country with nothing but a backpack of clothes/supplies, fooling the officials by making them think they are visting another country for just the weekend.

Very scary times. Whatever you do, trust your instincts and be on guard. I believe America will be heading into a recession in the next 6months to a year (if we have not already entered one). However, if you are looking for a job teaching at a univeristy or school, I think those positions will be somewhat recession proof.

Stay strong my friend, will keep you in my prayers.

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Eerily, an echo of 1967 . . .

hello everyone, I’m still alive and kicking while I’m at home, my father is seriously ill and I help my mother with caring for him, I made a very interesting observation, mobilized, many of them show passivity that is surprising even for me, they don’t even use legal opportunities to protect their rights, mothers say that let their children go to war because they are afraid of some problems with the police, and secondly, I have never heard that anyone who refuses to fight would say that the reason is that he does not want to kill people.and it’s really sad


and thank you so much for the kind words and wishes, we will be in touch


although many are voting with their feet, you may have heard how tens of thousands of people stand for many days at the borders with Georgia and Kazakhstan, many leave their cars and go on foot, I think that this is mainly education, middle class people and from big cities, white collars, in the provinces, as I wrote, the situation resembles sheep that are being led to the slaughter


May peace return swiftly to Ukrainian and Russian people.
The world is closely following the news of this continuing tragedy.
Be careful, take care and good luck.


Artyom Kamardin, a participant in the Mayakovsky Readings, who was detained in Moscow the day before along with two other activists, became a suspect in a criminal case of inciting hatred or enmity. Radio Liberty was told about this by his lawyer Leonid Solovyov. Kamardin is still in the police department. Earlier it was reported that the police raped his dumbbells, filmed it and showed it to his girlfriend Alexandra Popova.

The poet was detained on Monday along with activists Alexandra Popova and Alexander Menyukov. Law enforcement officers broke down the door to their apartment. The activists were taken to the police station. Popova was later released. She stated that the police pulled out her hair, sealed her mouth and threatened her with gang rape.

Here is an article that describes what happens to people who oppose the war, this is automatically translated, I did not find the news in English


I still found the English version, sorry for the terrible details, but I can’t remain silent, such is the reality in the country now


Its absolutely horrific what happened to her. I dont think words can do justice to the pain that so many of your people are being inflicted with. And I fear that that news stroy is just the tip of the iceberg on how dark and depraved the punishments are for any person there deemed an ‘enemy of the state’. Most of the stories never see the light of day.

My heart goes out to you, your family, and your people. If travel to NA is not in the cards at this momement, I hope in the future it may be a strong possibility.

The fact that the Russian Pipeline was bombed, is in my mind very good news. Some might fear it as an escalation of the conflict, but in my eyes, it shows that the Western leaders are finally growing a pair of balls and standing up to the Bully on the playground.

Time will tell.

I hope this will not be another long dark winter, but instead, have the tides change, and God willing, have peace be made by Christmas.

Talking about words not being able to do justice, that video definitely packs a punch.



Not sure if you saw this post, but it might interest you. The Zoom meeting starts in an hour. I attended yesterday and was impressed. Cant make it today but going to try to make the other meetings later in the week. I feel like in times of great hardship, turning to Spiritual teachings and or the Dharma can sometimes help:

" For those of you who are interested in Pure Lands. The next 3 weekends Mingyur Rinpoche will teach about the Amitabha Sutra.

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Session 7(Oct.15) of the teaching is 5:30pm-7:30pm

▍ Language: Rinpoche will teach in English. Translation will be available in Chinese Mandarin,

Cantonese, Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, French,Portuguese and Russian.

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or Korean(Oct 15)

▍ Zoom link : Launch Meeting - Zoom
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Passcode :980648"

From your lips to God’s ears!


I literally said a prayer for you a few hours ago when i woke up, then shortly after you posted here.


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well this can hardly be a coincidence my friend thanks for the words of encouragement in this dark time