Hello All

I’m from Brazil, Italy, Canada, and in the US since 2014. I have been practicing meditation within the Tibetan tradition for the past 22 years and feel I’m still a beginner. Dream Yoga has always fascinated me although I felt it was beyond my possibilities since I had only one brief lucid dreaming experience. Andrew Holecek’s “Dreams of Light” has been the catalyst for joining this group and find out more about what is possible!


Great to have you join the Nightclub. You’re at the right place, given your interests and current focus on “Dreams of Light.” Andrew reads the book every other Thursday as part of his Book Study Group and it is a great way to hear him elaborate on it and answer questions from the online Sangha.

Hi @bbadessi
Barry beat me to it, but the Book Study group would be an excellent fit for you! It’s so much fun to sit and read together and get live dialogue from Andrew as we go. We would love to see you there! And welcome to NightClub!!