Hang on to your hats and grab your chairs folks

… I actually remembered a dream! :astonished:

A recent ‘theme’ I now realize, has been pets and my being responsible for ‘caretaking’ or pet-sitting. Or a pet from childhood I was supposed to be watching. The theme is that I forgot somehow to feed these pets. Or I just realize I had not fed them (the entire time - whatever that means).

During the Bardo Tuesday night class, after the guided meditation or after the class? it hit

Something inside is telling me I am able or ready to meditate again. Having neuro issues, it was a sh!t-show at best and I had to let the practice go

Looks like things are changing - hah!

And now fear. With capital F. Projecting (more like smearing) hints of bad news onto my entire future. I live in subsidized housing and grateful to be out of moldy basements. (1+ years away and just now ready to sit again…) And then I glanced at that four letter word: NEWS.

Government is broke and the “needy” are first to be hit. Or how about that lovely term, “The Undeserved.” Yes, I am one of those mangey untouchables who’s life took a turn. Love me some change! :wink:

Anyway, just writing that last piece on my fear in hopes to prompt a dream. Memory of one at least.

And yay for remembering a dream! :raised_hands::eye:

Sleep tight!


Great to read. First of many . . .