Hello from Washington (State)

Just having found this website and created a free membership (for now), I’m having difficulty accessing anything useful so far. Seems like most links I click on to explore tell me I need to be a member even though I’m already logged in. Is there a directory of what I can access as a current non paying member?

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Hi Brian, welcome to the Night Club (free membership), which I believe allows you to access the conversation message boards and perhaps some of the interviews, but not much else. I’m just a paid member who is satisfied with all that is offered here including webinars, a Book Club, interviews with amazing first-person sources for lucid dreaming and Dream Yoga, among other resources.The site does include an incredible amount of content and virtual meetings, which is what the paid option supports. Is it worth it? I believe so.


Hey @bonfleck - welcome to the Night Club!

Totally hear where you are coming from regarding your confusion of what you can access on the Night Club site. We’ve received that feedback from several members and are working behind the scenes to radically improve the member experience (stay tuned for Night Club 3.0 coming very soon).

For starters, your post here confirms you’ve made it to the Night Club Community! Any of the categories you see here in the Community are Night Club offerings you can access.

Another way to see what you have access to is by visiting My Dashboard on the Night Club website. Again, you’ll see a list of all the offerings you can access.

Here is a list of all the current offerings available to free Night Club members:

As I mentioned above, we’re in the process of making the member experience much easier to navigate and digest… so hang with us as we make these transitions :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions - and hope to see you at some of our live events!

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