Hi y’all - Aspiring dreamer here

Quick hello from Virginia USA! I’ve always been fascinated by dreams of all kinds, and really got deep into trying to understand nightmares when one of my sons had them repetitively and quite disruptively for a while. I am interested in just learning from you all, hoping to lucid dream at some point and explore that, and continue to deepen my understanding of nightmares. I’m a yoga teacher and yoga therapist in training, counselor, mom of four, writer, lover of drum circles, meditator (mostly Buddhist), companion to two small cats … grateful to be here and to absorb all this!


Welcome @BelleMere!

I wanted to approach your post as accurately as I could ‘linguistically’ so please excuse me for using AI in expressing what I am trying to portray :smiling_face:.

"Understanding and approaching fear in a transformative way, especially in contexts like nightmares or stressful situations, can be incredibly empowering. Here’s how one might begin to see things from this perspective:

  1. Redefine Fear: Recognize that fear isn’t your enemy. It’s a natural response and a form of energy that can be redirected. Fear signals areas where we can grow and evolve. Instead of labeling these experiences as negative, view them as opportunities for expansion.

  2. Mindful Observation: When fear arises, practice becoming an observer of your thoughts and feelings without getting swept up in them. See your fear; don’t be your fear. This technique is about awareness without immediate reaction or judgment, allowing you to perceive your fears without giving them power over you.

  3. Letting Go of Resistance: Understand that resistance often strengthens fear. The more you resist or fight against it, the more it persists. Instead, allow your thoughts and fears to flow naturally, acknowledging their presence and then letting them pass. This doesn’t mean giving in to fear, but rather permitting it to dissolve through non-resistance.

Embrace the Journey: Learning to approach fear in this way is a journey, not a destination. Celebrate your successes, acknowledge your challenges, and understand that each step, no matter how small, is progress. The ultimate goal isn’t to eradicate fear but to change your relationship with it.

By adopting such a perspective, you don’t just cope with fear, you use it as a stepping stone to greater personal freedom and psychological resilience. This practice can be particularly empowering, allowing for a more profound exploration of one’s consciousness and inner workings."

Hope you enjoy the forums :slightly_smiling_face:.


Great to have you here @BelleMere ! This site helped me start having Lucid dreams aboit once a month. I am very greatful for all the wisdom and help, this community is the place to be if you are serious abou achieveing lucidity.

Have you read Dr. Clare Johnsons Nightmare book? Andrew calls her the Queen of dreaming:


He also has 2 interviews with her on here.

Here is her free youtube channel:

What do you do for your meditation practice? The gift of dreaming and sacred dreaming is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your children.

Do you keep a dream journal and write in it every day?


Welcome to the forum. I am quite new to it although already starting to feel part of a likeminded community.

I am also a yoga instructor and meditator although that came after already been lucid dreaming for some years. It was thanks to my new spiritual outlook that I adapted my approach to lucidity.

Let me know if you would like me to share more of my experiences and the method that I typically use for “w.i.l.d.”.

Take care



I would definitely enjoy hearing this method. :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay, maybe should create a discussion group called, “w.i.l.d. methods” and describe it there?

Just created it… here is the link…

I will share my insights later on.


Great idea, looking forward to hearing your technique(s)

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