Namaste from the Netherlands

Hello beautiful souls,

My name is Bo-Anna. I’m a gestalt therapist and copywriter, currently studying Chinese medicine.

Although being fascinated by Eastern philosophies, meditation and personal transformation for quite some years now, I’m new to lucid dreaming. So far I find it absolutely fascinating to learn about it.

Truth be told, I am struggling with nightmares and find it a little scary to start my lucid nightly experiences. Perhaps the “unknown” is what frightens me, or the fear of loss of control.

Comforting thoughts are welcome :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Hello, Bo-Anna…and welcome.

Remember that those nightmares are just your own shadow. Think about embracing and dissolving those shadows during the day with your inner radiance …and that will begin to carry over into the night.


Great to see you here. This is a fast-growing growing community and it’s great to get worldwide participation, worldwide voices. Andrew has a few interviews that directly address lucid dreaming with an intent to work with trauma, shadows and nightmares. Some that come to mind are those with Claire Johnson, Charlie Morley, and Richard Miller, amongst others.

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Ryan Hurd’s interview might be helpful also.



Thank you, Steve. I’m gradually letting go of fear, allowing it to make place for curiosity.

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Thanks, Barry, for your warm welcome and the recommendations.

Interestingly, my first experience with “lucid” dreaming in the past few days is that my dreams are more intense; there’s a clear storyline and recurring themes, and I remember the dreams very well. Haven’t been able yet to “awaken” during them, but I’m patient :slight_smile:


Thanks, Arthur! :slight_smile: