In person retreats

Hi there, I can see that there is an in-person retreat in June. I won’t be able to join that month because of some responsibilities, but I’d love to do an in-person retreat soon, and I’ll be able to join one if I plan it in advance.

Are there any plans to create another in person event in the summer or in the fall?

Thank you

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In-person retreat in July.

Another great resource for checking on upcoming retreats is on Andrew’s website. I will link that below for you. There is a section for in person retreats, as well as online.

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@_Barry @AlyssaModerator those are fantastic resources. I had missed them and only saw the one in June because it’s the one linked from the top header:

The one on August (Death and the Art of Dying: The Luminous Bardo of Dharmata) looks really good too. The one in June is my fav because it’s focused on Lucid Dream Yoga. I’ll keep checking frequently to see when it’s the next Lucid Dream Yoga retreat.

Thank you both!

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