Meditation Retreat Recommendations?

HI All! During Andrew’s last book club he talked about the importance of meditation and going into retreat. Are there any places that Andrew (or you all) recommends for retreat in Colorado or California?
Thank you!

Let me see what I can find for you!

Thank you very much for looking :wink:

I am involved in another retreat April1-3. If I register would I be able to replay all the sessions from this Pure Land retreat?

So sorry for the delay! I haven’t forgotten!

The recordings will be available for 6 months!

@_Barry do you have any suggestions?

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Not for Colorado or California. I’m a New Englander. Andrew has a week-long retreat at Robert Thurman’s Menla (Phoencia, NY) at the end of July, and Charlie Morley will have a retreat at Omega Institute (Rhinebeck, NY) at the end of October. He has an online workshop "Healing the Inner Child" April 30-May 1. There are others here on the East Coast, but I’ll bet if you search you’ll find many available in the West. For example, a quick search finds that Rupert Spira, a well-known and often quoted figure in the field, has Seven Day Retreat at Mercy Center, CA – 23rd to 30th October. Just keep searching. I’ll bet other NC members will have suggestions as well.

Drala Mountain Center (formerly Shambhala Mt Center)
And in California, Spirit Rock

Check out the website for these centers for retreats in those two locations. Hope that helps!

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