Help Please: Andrew mentioned a spanish retreat center in the Pyrenees for compassionate action

Hello Night Clubbers,

Once upon an Andrew talk he mentioned a retreat center in the Pyrenees mountains in Spain where they were buddhist and focused on compassionate actions. The retreats were by a man who spoke english. This was mentioned during the time of Covid. I went to the website and they were not holding any retreats until the pandemic passed. I can not remember the website or the center. Can any of our collective memories remember?



was not a memebr then, but hoping someone has an answer for you when they get back from their vacations/travel.

If it is a time sensitive question, might try to ask @AlyssaModerator , she may know, or be able to ask Andrew for you


You can send in a question to the Book Study webinar this Thursday when he will be online and could answer your question. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the Question form. If you can attend, it will be great. If you are not able to attend—and he answers the question, it will be in the transcript, and if I catch it, I will post it for you.


let me try to find out for you!


Gomde Pyrenees . . . . .


Awesome, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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This group is amazing. Thanks for all the collective information.

I live in Spain now. I found a retreat relatively close in the French Pyrenees to go to recently through Andrew’s meditation group hosting Heidi.

Currently I have a lama who lived at Gomde Pyrenees for 20 years living with me.

… small world.