Instructions for 'Clear Light' practice

Yes, right here and right now, naked reality. Thus, In this very moment I believe that many have the good karma and good fortune to perceive it all., so many of us don’t have it just yet and so Teachers and Masters like you come along to way with your many tools to point the way for those of us! :sparkles::dove::pray:t4:


Dear Andrew,

Just wondering if you have a date in mind now (for the bardo yoga training) that we’re closer to the spring time? I am a new member and feel like I’ve finally found my teacher (you) and home (wonderful likeminded sangha)!

Thanks in advance!

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I couldn’t agree more. I spent so many years following “this” meditation and “that” meditation, only to be left feeling flighty and superficial. My drive for “healing” was in actuality my need to “remember”. The healing is essentially helping me remove the distractions that inhibits my ability to recognize myself resting in what I am - the clear light mind. Having since read your book Dream Yoga and now on Chapter 10 of Dreams of Light, I’m remembering my dreams like crazy, having incredible insights, and getting glimpses into the clear light mind by actively dropping into the heart to help me relax. I’m so freaking constricted from reifying this solid reality that it was the reason I needed :healing" - the more I focus on relaxing, the more I can remember and anchor into what I have always been and already am…

You’re a God send to me Andrew and credit Chris Wallis (my initial and current yoga teacher) for having found you! For some reason, Tibetan Buddhism speaks more to my heart than the Kashmir Shaivism, although it definitely helped facilitate the opening, but the approach of Vajrayāna is like cutting through to me so much more…

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Hi @c_scerri wonderful to welcome you to the Night Club. Just wanted to let you know that @Andrew recently launched a new offering on NC, it’s a Meditation Group and we’ll meet on Mondays at 8pm ET. I’ll post some more information about the group below (as well as how to join - and access to Session #1):

At the request of a number of Night Club members, Team Night Club has just launched a guided weekly meditation session. These sessions will be devoted exclusively to meditation, and the topics that support it. Over the upcoming months, Andrew, and a select number of certified meditation instructors, will be offering talks, followed by detailed meditation instruction. Each session allows participants time to ask questions or share insights, and will be recorded and archived for your future reference.

A sampling of the upcoming guided practices will include teachings and instruction on: shamatha, vipashyana, analytic meditation, insight meditation, open awareness, tonglen, metta meditation, the reverse meditations, visualization practice, pranayama, mantra meditation, integral meditation, the inner yogas, chakra meditation, somatic meditation, the “emergency meditations,” the formless meditations, the nondual meditations, lujong (body training), generation stage practices, completion stage practices, the five nocturnal meditations, and a host of others. The art of contemplation will also be presented, with guided instruction on: the four immeasurables, the four reminders, lojong (mind training slogans), the four “pointing outs,” the bardo prayers, the four steps of realization, and many others.

Finally, teachings on the many obstacles and blind spots in meditation: laxity, excitation, discouragement, laziness, fear, poverty mentality, spiritual bypassing, spiritual materialism, Buddhist exceptionalism, and a host of other traps, along with their antidotes, will be offered. This new offering is much more than just practicing together. It will be a systematic and thorough presentation of a number of meditations, with extensive references that support them.

These weekly gatherings are free to Emerald members of Night Club. For others who wish to join this event, the cost is less than two dollars per session. Click here to register. Nobody will be turned away for financial reasons so please message us about scholarship opportunities. Here is a free sampling of the first session, to give you a sense of this gathering.

Session One: In this inaugural session Andrew shares the vision behind the meditation gatherings, and why meditation is so central to the journey of awakening, or lucidity in its deepest sense. He reviews the three wisdom tools (three prajnas) of hearing, contemplating, and meditating, and how they act as a filtration and purification system leading to the literal incorporation (embodiment) of the teachings. The daily meditations allow us to “become familiar with” (the very definition of meditation, or gom, in Tibetan) subtle levels of mind during the day, so that we can recognize them at night. Andrew shares his story about three-year retreat, and how that was like meditation university, where dozens of practices were presented. He then gives a brief overview of some of the many meditations that will be offered in the coming weeks. The bulk of the session is a detailed instruction on the practice of shamatha, or “tranquility, peace” which is the platform practice to all future meditations. A rich period of discussion follows the practice session.


Hey Andy!

You were so kind to me when I initially emailed you asking about entry into the Night Club and once again you’re providing me such great insight! WOW. This practical side of meditation is exactly what I’m looking for. I really sense that Andrew has both the experience and being well read, which to me, makes him an excellent teacher to help guide a padawan like myself. His two books alone (Dream Yoga and now Dreams of Light) have shown me what I knew as a child but then “lost” when I fell into the delusion of the world around me. I had full lucidity as a child and now although I recognize myself as dreaming, I no longer have the “power” to act or change direction. I know this stems from my waking life and am beyond grateful to have Andrew’s guidance (as well as the other senior teachers) to guide me in remembering what I had more innately as a child. Thank you so much for welcoming me so warmly Andy!


Hi. I know it’s really hard right now with your medical condition in the midst of a global pandemic to get the teachings that you want and need. I would like to direct you to a book on Tibetan healing yoga. It’s Nejang by Tibetan Dr. Chenagtsang Nida. He gives a series of Tsa Lung exercises that work with the energies of the body to restore health in a unique way. There are videos online to help demonstrate the exercises and they can be adapted for people with medical or physical disabilities. There’s also an ongoing live course online for no cost - just an opportunity to give a donation. If anyone is interested I can supply the link.


Links and book references appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi @Leborland. I feel really blessed to have stumbled across this. Most grateful! :gift_heart: Please put the link here if you can. I’ve run out of other options for my particular health issues and would love to try it. Thank you so much again.


Hi Marie,

Hearing Andrew teach on the Bardos during 2020 reinvigorated my faith in the view. I am of the nihilistic skeptic mindset in general - not as an excuse to behave badly but because I don’t see the point of :womens: :earth_americas: :mens: (((( all this )))))

(those aren’t bathroom signs btw :wink: they are a woman and man sperading their arms out wide in wonderment)

In 2 days I get to see the lab results for brain infections and/or auto-immunes - have compromised blood-brain and blood-CSF barriers. “Neuro-Immune”. First thought to be MM since my IgGs are so ridiculously high and a lab qualitative result was M-Spike. Turned out to be one of many “due-diligence ruling out” referrals.

I got a tad better, then lost extra help and so couldn’t afford a critical ‘maintenance Rx’ copay (not to mention any treatment my immunologist wants me on). I declined quickly the last half of 2020.

Before it got too bad, I knew my practice path was to “die before I die.” So I feel with you.

Hearing Bardo Teachings scratched my “spiritual question” itch. My regret is I cannot practice anything right now. Like you, going to a teacher is like my budgeting for necessary treatments - ain’t gonna happen. My intent was to gain a cognitive ‘edge’ with Western Medicine, to where I could start working with my mind and body again. (I recommend Dr. Nida’s Neijang book, ran out of money by the time I saw the other healing book mentioned here). I just don’t have the capacity to do … pretty much anything. Nor can I explain why, even if my life depended on it. :woman_shrugging:

(run-on sentences are just a symptom, have about 2% executive processing available :roll_eyes:)

My intent now is to remain curious and hold my seat as much as possible.

Sounds “light up” every nerve in my body and I want to recoil - so I’ve been working with the instinctual contractions my body does. Things loud, bright, and otherwise sensory overload. (it’s said w/o a body, the various arisings are 10x what we experience in this ‘meat body’).

Acceptance is my other practice. Sometimes that’s enough to resolve internal crap and people do that spontaneous remission thing. It eases suffering for sure, once it’s in the bones.

I’ve used this little ‘prayer’ for years now when getting to the standard liturgy section on contemplation of impermanence/death:

Also, I just saw this little talk from the Dalai Lama. “It’s like changing clothes.” It landed as another form of acceptance, for me.

Not an answer to your question, just other ways to work with the situation. You seem to be an advanced practitioner so maybe all this is in your bones already.

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@cloudragon Where can one find this text? I don’t want the practice specifically, but am interested in reading about it and the transmission that is required before this practice.

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@cloudragon I meant that little pamphlet thing that is entitled "The Self-Radiance of the Adamantine Awareness-Void

Is that in the book?

“The identification [or realization of the Clear Light] is to be obtained in the interval between the cessation of one thought and the birth of the next thought”

Lama Kazi Dawa Samdup

Abide in the space between moments. :slightly_smiling_face:


Actually…I wonder if abiding in the moments is our simulation interface and abiding in the spaces between gets us into the realm of pure and fundamental Consciousness.

I have literally spent hours and hours listening to Donald Hoffman over the last year or so. I heartily recommend him to anyone interested in getting…beyond the dream. As a cognitive neuroscientist he comes from a somewhat less spiritual perspective with his theory of “conscious agents” that I find refreshing and extremely provocative.


@Sujata Thank you so much! I will be checking that out.


Hello Courtney. Just reading your post now. I’ve been trying to spend much less time online these days.
I hope your health situation has improved. If you need expensive medications, be sure to check with the drug manufacturer for patient assistance programs. Also some larger healthcare places have social workers who can hook you up with various patient support systems.
Best wishes. Marie


Good priority setting, @mriramos111 !

I haven’t been on FaceCrack for a year, but had to recently. Don’t miss it. I do miss it here, but then what falls off the iceberg? Shower? Eating? It’s that bad now.

The thing w/ drug manufacturers is they DO have a patient programs - the ‘cognitive stabilizing’ Rx has it in huge font right on their website. It used to be $10 co-pay coupon and apparently has dropped down to $0 payment, every month, for people with commercial insurance.

Those who are on government medical insurance (disability = Medicare) are excluded. That’d be me.

I know hope is the flip-side of fear, but one needs something bigger in life to get out of bed in the morning. I finally made the connection between the drug and the last rounds of tests results this past weekend. It’s an anti-protozoan, but I just found that it’s considered a general anti-viral over in the Virology Medical Research Silo. It all makes sense now. And…I don’t see a way. I just need some kind of brain-nudge so I can get a routine going w/o melting from overwhelm.

Chronic demyelinating encephalomyelitis from EBV and a “Lyme&Co” virus, ‘Powassan’. (I’m susceptible to all the co-infections - used to be an avid backpacker. Personally I think these have mosquitos as vectors as well.) On “maintenance” (so daily and weekly) for the infections and VZV - no rash 'cuz chicken pox landed on a nerve to my brain.

How do I “mantra that away”?

After reading some people heal major diseases with a placebo, I feel like a complete douche because it IS all in the mind. (tho I didn’t know what it was until this past w/e? Oh - imbalance over time.)

Where some COVID survivors are have the Acute variety, mine’s been slowly gnawing away in the background, like termites. I have so many “psych” mis-diagnoses it’s pathetic. Next up is MS-like symtpoms (auto-antibodies to acetylcholine - where the nerves and muscles have a conversation). And the optic nerve, apparently. I know I’ll be fine as things happen - always am - it just sucks that I was … dare I say, ‘making progress’ on my path.

(it’s relative progress - I started late in life with a little more junk in the trunk)

I just sent my doc’s research assistant/PA the connection, for the patients who might not fare well w/ their clinical trials - before they lose their jobs/insurance. I’m taking their symptoms for tonglen, giving them health…

“Hopeless” is supposed to be a good thing…

Medicare now covers IVIG 100% for patients who catch COVID and start w/in 10 days. That’s the $10k/bottle infusion I’ve seen patients receive…4 bottles, 2x/week.

Anyway, I’ve got the focus of a gnat!

Heh, no wonder I’m broke - I think I hate money! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Why hello, little shadow… (there was talk of ‘shadow work’ at one point somewhere on here)

The almighty dollah! Common’ dig deeper into your pockets now!

(ref: a song, “Send Me Your Money” from back in the day. It’s hilarious. Suicidal Tendencies – Send Me Your Money Lyrics | Genius Lyrics)

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Take a look at the plant Paradox a book by Steven Gundry. It is a diet that reports success with MS , autoimmune disorders and specifically inflammation of the nervous system. It is better than drugs. I wish you health and happiness.