Kink in my Vajrayana Practice

I could use some support from other Vajrayana practitioners. I don’t have a teacher right now and I have a nagging lack of confidence throughout the day that I’m in alignment. I’m all over the place. Should I be practicing lojong, Prajanaparamita, Tara… It’s worth noting that the sensation of 'maybe I should be doing something other than what I"m doing at this moment" is, of course, my basic existential affliction.

I’m not familiar with the protocols that you are considering but a quick look at them makes me think that they are more aligned with the Creation Phase. Perhaps you might consider some of the Completion Phase protocols that I mentioned in the other thread.

If you are not feeling grounded in your practice perhaps a bottom up approach that works more with the envisioned metaphysical anatomy would be helpful.

“Don’t look for another source of refuge. The body itself is a sacred mandala.”


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vajrayana practice requires a qualified teacher. while you wait for one to appear, reading is the best course to take.

dzogchen (ati yoga) has become popular with western students. this passage will give you a feel for this practice.

“in the dzogchen view we need to maintain complete and total integrity in what we are experiencing in the moment—
in this condition there is nothing to do and nowhere to ladder of achievement to climb. we are already there and it looks like it always did–the difference is that it is known by basic nondual awareness…
it knows the moment is perfect in itself and the distinction of color and shape a mere reflection or manifestation of that perfection”


I knew I’d come to the right place. My practice is very Bardo-centered right now. This looks like the perfect medicine for the moment.

Indeed, westerners who try to climb the Himalayas without a guide… you can wind up with… there’s a word for it in the DSM VI – oh, yeah, “insanity.”

with Gratitude,

bardo is the main theme for all students.
another book to read

It seems as though I have been breaking the rules for the last year or so. :slightly_smiling_face:

…still staying relatively sane. Hmmmmm…at least I think I am. :sunglasses:

I’m a Vajrayana student with a teacher, and yes you really do need to find one. There are a lot of places to get stuck in your practice and form habits that go counter to your intentions unless you have the right guidance. I have found some sources on the internet for recorded and live teachings from authentic Dzogchen teachers. I can share them if you want to email me privately. In the meantime I highly recommend Lojong. The further you go with Dzogchen the more you realize how invaluable Lojong is to that practice. They are like the two wings that enable a bird to fly. Wisdom and compassion are interdependent.