Kink in my Vajrayana Practice

I could use some support from other Vajrayana practitioners. I don’t have a teacher right now and I have a nagging lack of confidence throughout the day that I’m in alignment. I’m all over the place. Should I be practicing lojong, Prajanaparamita, Tara… It’s worth noting that the sensation of 'maybe I should be doing something other than what I"m doing at this moment" is, of course, my basic existential affliction.

I’m not familiar with the protocols that you are considering but a quick look at them makes me think that they are more aligned with the Creation Phase. Perhaps you might consider some of the Completion Phase protocols that I mentioned in the other thread.

If you are not feeling grounded in your practice perhaps a bottom up approach that works more with the envisioned metaphysical anatomy would be helpful.

“Don’t look for another source of refuge. The body itself is a sacred mandala.”


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I knew I’d come to the right place. My practice is very Bardo-centered right now. This looks like the perfect medicine for the moment.

Indeed, westerners who try to climb the Himalayas without a guide… you can wind up with… there’s a word for it in the DSM VI – oh, yeah, “insanity.”

with Gratitude,

It seems as though I have been breaking the rules for the last year or so. :slightly_smiling_face:

…still staying relatively sane. Hmmmmm…at least I think I am. :sunglasses:

I’m a Vajrayana student with a teacher, and yes you really do need to find one. There are a lot of places to get stuck in your practice and form habits that go counter to your intentions unless you have the right guidance. I have found some sources on the internet for recorded and live teachings from authentic Dzogchen teachers. I can share them if you want to email me privately. In the meantime I highly recommend Lojong. The further you go with Dzogchen the more you realize how invaluable Lojong is to that practice. They are like the two wings that enable a bird to fly. Wisdom and compassion are interdependent.