Illusory body, Dream yoga and Clear Light Yoga Traleg Rinpoche new Vajrayana book

Just came across a book by Traleg Rinpoche entitled Vajrayana: an Essential Guide to Practice; kindle released it recently, paperback not out yet. There are a number of chapters of relevant interest: illusory body yoga, dream yoga, clear light yoga; and 4 additional chapters in an entire section called dream yoga. Chapter titles in dream yoga section include illusion and reality, philosophy of dream yoga, the practices of dream yoga, and supplemental practices of dream yoga. At this writing, the kindle book is reasonably priced at $6.99. Print version 217 pages.

An additional chapter that may be of special interest to some is entitled the practice of deity yoga.

I have not yet read the book. I loved the other books by Traleg Kyabgon that I’ve dived into, including The Essence of Buddhism, Mind At Ease, Moonbeams of Mahamudra, and The Practice of Lojong.

He writes with great understanding of the western mind; his English is elegant and fluent. Amazing that such a book is being newly released 8 years after his parinirvana.

Looks like yet another dharma treasure to be opened!


Thanks for posting. Time to start yet another stack.


Thanks for this tip, I’m going to order it right now. I knew Traleg Rinpoche, attended many of his teachings, and he was good friends with my bud Ken Wilber – who was just crushed when Rinpoche died. As was I.


In my stack already. I’ll move it up it a couple of books.

There is another version of Moonbeams of Mahamudra that just came out in 2019. Same title Moonbeams of Mahamudra, translated by Elizabeth Callahan, that was highly recommended in the Mahamudra course at Tergar online (Mingyur Rinpoche’s community). Ini the book, she includes a translation of a second text, Dispelling the Darkness of Ignorance by 9th Karmapa. Published by snow lion, forewords by 17th Karmapa & Thrangu Rinpoche.

I really love Traleg’s book, but Cortland Dahl, a well-known translator, says that Elizabeth’s translation is better. I don’t have Elizabeth’s version, so don’t have a comparison to offer.


I have that version, though I haven’t read much yet. Your post has piqued my curiosity, and moved it up near the top of my stack. :grin:

Unread, more than a dozen. Unheard, a few. Kindled, not sure. When good people recommend must-reads, I usually get them. I’m retired so I think I have time to eventually read them all. A book or two a month, why not?

Harder to underline PDFs (though not impossible).

Thank you for posting this