Glenn Mullin on Illusory Body...and more

This teaching is jam packed with stones that are perfect for my personal path. Here are a few teasers: :slightly_smiling_face:

“Tummo is the foundational path but the actual practice is Illusory Body and Clear Light Yoga.”

“The more subtle you make your energies, the more subtle becomes consciousness.”


“The more you look inside the flower the less flower you find.”


Thanks! I appreciated watching this.


Love Guru Viking interviews. Comes at the right time for me . . .

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For those who may not want to watch the whole thing…in the last 10 minutes or so he speaks of dream yoga and lucid dreaming, offering some very good perspectives.


Great video!
It made me search for the 2nd interview, which covers more on illusory body and its’ connection to dream yoga.

At about 34:00 it really takes off.

I find this connection especially interesting: the change of perspective - i.e. the practice of illusory body - is a shift to lucidity.

Paraphrasing my understanding of Glenn’s talk on this point: Transforming the habit and perspective of fusing with the “objects of the theatre” and developing the habit and perspective of illusory body of keeping focus on the “subject of the theatre” while the theatre unfolds makes great sense. Thanks, Glenn!


Yes…this is my practice in a nutshell.

Working with a trikaya perspective…Dharmakaya observing Sambhogakaya and Nirmanakaya…has moved me away from seeking lucidity in the dream and toward fully inhabiting both the waking state and the dream state in unbroken awareness.

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I enjoyed this one earlier and was impressed with the solitary retreat reminiscing. Glad both videos are posted. Nice to hear things from the Gelupa perspective.

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Great video, thank you for sharing it