Meditating On Non-Meditation

With dinner made I was waiting for my co-star to come home from the hairdresser. It was my fasting night so I was just waiting in the kitchen…leaning against the counter when she came home.

“You’re not eating again”"


“What are you doing?”

“Just contemplating”

“And what would that be?”

“I am considering emptiness and the illusory nature of reality.”

“Never mind.”

Mahamudra invites us to meditate on non-meditation. I think that means that we need to blur the lines between the two. :slightly_smiling_face:


I sense a song in there somewhere.

PS Listening to Mike Snider again and his conversation with his wife at around 20 minutes is eerily similar.

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Always a song. :sunglasses:

This one just released…

P.S…that Mike Snider piece is an absolute classic.


Lots more to read . . .

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Excellent description! I think the line between them is “effort.” So I think blurring “the line” (or effort) involves erasing the ego.

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…or at least transcending the ego.

I wonder if we can ever succeed in truly erasing it completely while we are living in these bodies and having to get by in this physical world…or even if we should, all things considered.

I guess if we can learn to treat the ego as the mental construct that it is…we can manage it while navigating this world with the nirmanakaya blues.


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That’s my goal for the Bardo (minus as much time as I can manage)

I think the process can be roughly described as “upon reaching sufficient level of awakening, the ego takes a back seat while the enlightened wisdom (or awareness) runs the show (at least for the most part).”

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