🛕 Niguma Yoga Retreat (online)

I’ll be attending in-person, but you might want to join it online, with access to videos daily and then after the retreat is finished. A Dream Sangha friend has recommended Kalu Rinpoche very highly and Michelle Loew will also also be teaching that week.

About: Tibet House US | Menla’s Vajrayoga School is honored to host His Eminence Kalu Rinpoche on his first American tour demonstrating and teaching Lady Niguma’s Trulkhor cycle of yoga. The yoga exercises of the Niguma tradition are extremely beneficial for both the physical body and the inner, subtle body, which is related to the cultivation and circulation of internal energy and vital essences (thigle). The practices have many benefits for your mind as well as for your general health and well-being. Kalu Rinpoche will demonstrate and teach the physical exercises connected with the Six Yogas of Niguma, who was a contemporary of the more well-known mahasiddha, Naropa.

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