Novadreamer/Best sleep mask to buy

@Andrew, Hi I was wondering if you have a place to buy the nova dreamer mask. I cannot find a purchase option anywhere online and I contacted the lucidity institute as well. If there is no option what would be the best out there now that you would suggest? Thanks so much


Welcome to the 'Club. Research about this and other similar devices can be found here. I don’t think that mask is for sale any longer.


Thanks so much for the comment and link. I appreciate you taking the time to send that in here for me. Thanks for the welcome as well!


Welcome. There’s a lot of hype and demand for such devices, but few results surrounding LD-assist devices (just look at all the failed kickstarter campaigns) LaBerge’s NovaDreamer2 has been “coming soon” for about 8 years now. I used a Remee (a sleep mask that would shine LEDs on a timer, not even REM detection) for a few months (before it broke) with basically no results (the one time I saw the lights in a dream I woke up immediately).

Nothing beats a solid, organic, personal LD practice. The best devices can do is give you a little nudge. The foundation of a solid waking awareness and frequent reflection on your experiences will yield the best results (as well as focus on building strong dream recall).


Thank you, I appreciate that advice. I like the organic simplicity over the complexity. Look forward to more communication!


@_Barry @Dream_Hacker @rem.pitlick
I just looked for a thread on this topic (was going to start a new one if no one had talked about it before). I have looked for these masks recently and basically found what @Dream_Hacker wrote in August 2020- regarding the NovaDreamer2 “coming soon” for years and the Remee mask that flashes lights on a timer (no sensor). Since it’s been three years I thought I’d check and see if anyone has heard, found, or seen anything since then. I totally get that solid LD practice/techniques is the ideal, but I’m so remedial I’m looking for all the help I can get, and if a mask like this is out there I’d drop good money to try one.


Saw this at Walmart and Amazon, but I am averse to anything touching or going near my eyes in this way. Andrew recommends Mindfold to spend some minutes a day in total darkness as a way of getting acquainted with it. A bit cheaper at other websites.


This area continues to be extremely active. Despite some rather notable multi-year crash-n-burn failures on KickStarter (e.g., Aurora and iBand, both of which I followed closely), entrepreneurs just can’t leave this area alone and keep trying to produce and market lucid-dream enhancing masks/devices. I think the success stories (hello? hello? anybody home?), or more accurately, the lack thereof, should be ample evidence that the really only one and true way of generating more lucid dreams is to live lucidly, set strong intent for lucid dreams, and become a bona fide expert on your dreams and sleep.

It may be a cynical point of view, but I see these campaigns as methods solely meant to enrich the founders.

In the best case: imagine there’s a device that can perfectly and every time produce a signal when it detects you are in REM. Lights, sound, vibration, etc. The brain is very very adaptive by nature, and over time, it is very likely that your dreaming mind would incorporate the signals, and basically say “pass!” on the stimulus.

There is just no substitute for grit, dedication, determination, and continual and consistent effort over time. Imagine how far one could have come since 2020 with dedication, now in 2024!

It is a frightening thought to consider all the wasted years. Dreaming and lucid dreaming is one of the most rewarding (and demanding and frustrating at times!) activities in life.

You already know what do to.