Lucid dream masks

Hi all. I am new to the Night Club, having just signed up only today. This is my first post. I am excited to have found a community of lucid dreamers, and am grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of it.

I have a quick question for those who have experimented with lucid dreaming masks. What’s your experience with those masks. Do they work in inducing lucid dreams? Can you recommend any particular brand?

Thank you

Chen Ting Kao


Welcome to this growing online community. This topic has been brought up before here, and here, among others, and we’re still looking for THE great fit. What have your LD experiences been like? Have you had lucid dreams and are looking to increase them using assistive technologies such as masks? Do you have regular practices to help you attain nighttime lucidity?


Welcome to NC, great to have you. I have used them, with more-or-less ok results. They take some getting used to. I used Nova Dreamer, which is no longer around, and can’t speak with authority on all the other masks out there – all take-offs on LaBerge’s original mask. Andrew


I am VERY new to LD. I can recall maybe one or two LD experiences in my entire life, which is pretty sad. But I recognize LD’s potential, so that I definitely want to become a proficient LDer. The idea of spending 1/3 of our lives in an unconscious state is very distasteful to me. Being able to use those 8 hrs productively, such as doing dream healing, or solving problems in my secular life, or receiving teachings from the deities, really resonates with me very strongly. The lucid dreaming techniques taught by Holocek are very valuable, and with a little bit of discipline I want to incorporate them into my life. I believe those techniques he taught alone are sufficient to make me a proficient LDer, but I also think that assistive technologies such as the masks will help me get to my destination faster. This is why I really want to try the masks.