With a little help from a dream-mask?

Hi, fellow dreamers!2020-05-31T22:00:00Z
Years ago I started to engage in lucid dreaming and about every 8 weeks I have lucid dreams spontaneousely. To improve my faculties I’ve bought a device “REM-Dreamer Pro” (by Pawel Herchel from Poland) and experimented with various settings for a few months. Unfortunately until now without success. I’d like to know whether anybody of the Night Club has positive experiences with this mask and would :grinning:share them with me?
I wish you good times… Heidi


I tried something like this a while a ago, forget the details now, but sent it back after the first night as being too heavy and potentially damaging to my eyes, having previous eye surgeries. I stick to supplements such as galantamine for nocturnal assistance.


I’ve had the REMEE mask for years and when I wear it (or regular sleep masks) I seem to have a slightly higher chance of getting lucid. I’ve never seen the read light “bleed through” to my dreams though. For me I think they work because they add an extra layer of intention setting. When I go to sleep with any sort of sleep mask on, because it’s pitch black I tell myself “next time I see anything I’ll be dreaming” as I fall asleep.


Thank you very much. If I understand you right then you have no recommendations for special settings for these kind of devices that you experienced as helpful. At least I can try your affirmation before falling asleep…