Personal Intro from Atlanta

Hi Everyone,

I’m at a new junction in my life, my history includes Tibetan Buddhism and first empowerments from a Dzogchen master, currently connected to the Jonang linage and now it’s time to take on more responsibility for my life & practice.

Dream yoga is not a goal but a way to gauge and follow day to day practice and who knows.

I have an interest in what the new American Buddhism will look like.

I do own & operate


Welcome, and good for you re Jonang, I have a strong connection to that tradition as well. As you probably know, the moniker for dream yoga is “the measure of the path,” so your “goal” is a good one. I’ll check out your link – thx for that.

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I liked your introductory QiGong exercises. I’ve been doing QiGong at the Veteran’s Hospital nearby using the National QiGong Association’s DVD of the Five Treasures, which includes your beginning exercises. The Covid Rimpoche has put the kibbosh on f2f meetings, but practicing online is still a valuable activity.