Sex, Dream Sex, Karezza, Karamudra, & Tantra

Big topics, each one could be an individual topic, but I figure there are a lot of overlaps between them.

I don’t know much about these Spiritual practices, but would like to learn more.

" If you’re most familiar with Tantra in reference to Tantric sex and physical intimacy, you aren’t alone. There are actually multiple types of Tantric Yoga, and not all of them involve the sexual act. In fact, Hatha yoga is actually derived from Tantra, though it branched off prior to the “shades of Tantra” described below.

There are five main types of Tantra practiced today:

  • White Tantra: White Tantra is often used to describe the purely spiritual path of Tantra. This often utilizes meditation, breath work, sounds, and postures.
  • Red Tantra: Red tantra is focused on the divine union of sex. It focuses on the dual energies of male and female, and how the two unite to form complete divinity.
  • Pink Tantra: This is often seen as the middle ground between White and Red Tantra. It’s a mix of individual and partner-based practices.
  • Black Tantra: Black Tantra is sometimes likened to “black magic.” It utilizes certain magical capabilities (siddhis) in order to manifest things in the physical world.
  • Gray Tantra: Gray Tantra also utilizes certain magical powers (siddhis) but instead of creating material abundance, it is focused on spiritual development."

Highly recommend this episode for any serious dreamer:

Rick And Morty
Season 1 Episode 2:

Here are some clips from it. Its depth is pretty vast:

(They are trying to enter the dreams of the teacher to get Morty better grades in math class.)

(Rick and Morty - Inception):

Rick and Morty enter the sexy woman’s dreams: (Architype of Venus, see how this influences the dream characters…):

They enter the dream of a :sagittarius:, half horse, talk about an Architype for fear, phobias, and spooky things:

Really smart piece of artwork, you cant tell a lot of insights went into crafting that episode.

Of the authors I have read, Claire Johnson and Charlie Morley seem to have written the most on the topic of dream sex. Sex dreams and lucid dreams are really fascinating. because they are pure mind, they pack a punch.

Very interested in hearing thoughts and learning more about these topics and others related to sex and spirituality.


this is brilliant! :rose:

and genius… ever since I accepted the buzzing - that starts with hearing it (like the device they put on their ears), it’s becoming a source of multiple portals…

the last “adult swim” video is also brilliant… learning about all there is in the psyche is great for expanding compassion.


didn’t know that about Dr. Claire Johnson, but from Charlie Morley yes. My second super lucid dream was sexual… and it was AMAZING! Deeply HEALING - for mind, body and HEART :green_heart: also because it was an evolution from my first lucid dreaming experiences in adulthood - all sexual, several years ago.

MG… this is so good to hear from a man… thank you!! :heart_eyes:

the video “Sexual Alchemy” is really good…
“dancing and shouting” about this theme feels accurate to me! :cowboy_hat_face:

Soon I will share more! As I mentioned on another thread, I’m writing an article about this, and your post was very helpful! Thank you :star_struck:


She has an entire chapter devoted to it in one of her books.

I am sure entire books have been written on the topic, but I dont think I have come across any yet.


This is very interesting to me. One of my first major lucid dreams of adult life was sexual as well. Might not be a coincidence but a common theme that many dreamers experience.

I will post another video from @_Barry below I think you will like it



Karmamudra - Dr Nida Chenagtsang


THE KAMA SUTRA by Mallanaga Vatsyayana - full unabridged audiobook


The Kama Sutra, or Aphorisms on Love, has survived at least 1400 years as a dominant text on sexual relations between men and women. Vatsyayana claimed to have written the Kama Sutra while a religious student, “in contemplation of the Deity” - but references to older works, shrewd disputations by Vatsyayana of those authors’ recommendations, and careful cataloging of practices in various of the Indian states indicate much more emphasis on kama, or sensual gratification.

Part of the book discusses the 64 arts of love employed by masters of coitus. Learning each of these and when and how to practice them, Vatsyayana affirms, not only leads to the best gratification, but makes the artist a person of great desirability.

Once the means of sexual congress are discussed, the many types of male-female relationships and their proper prosecution are covered. Some of these have small relevance to the modern world, such as how to sneak into the King’s harem, but are interesting nonetheless. Others, such as how to get money from a lover, will probably remain useful as long as there are humans in the world.

The translator’s concluding remarks call the book primitive; so might also modern women who are told that if their name ends in “l” or “r” they should not be married, because they are worthless. But in tackling the subject of human sexuality, Vatsyayana nevertheless will always attract readers (or, in this case, listeners!).
(Summary by Mark F Smith) "


this is such an interesting video! thaaaank you for sharing!


found this precious gem, just now:

I think you will like it @Barry , in case you didn’t see it yet :star_struck:


So… I have wrote this article with the help of two beloved friends, and shared it with two other people with whom I might collaborate with, in either more articles or other creative forms of conveying this message, but here’s the “matrix” of it:

"Eros, Sexuality and Dreams - cultivating sexual energy into lucid dreaming and real relationships.

When I became fifty years old, I chose to stop masturbating, as I was inspired by a dream where my energy hands were not giving me pleasure but opening paths of light for me. I think this was my best birthday gift ever! This was a blessing to me being fifty years in this physical body!

This doesn’t mean that I no longer have sexual energy. On the contrary, it’s rising and expanding. What’s new for me is my ability to channel it. Even more consciously. I notice it rises in situations of polarity, also with some friends, which for me is normal and healthy, especially because I have many male friends, patients, colleagues, family, and so on. It’s a privilege to be able to recognize it and not project it on others, but instead utilize it for my own creativity. Sharing this with deep understanding is my priority in these words: Love and Real Relationships, where we have the privilege of being authentic with one another. When we are not authentic, we cut the connection between us and stifle the opportunity for co-creation.

Sexually repressed energy creates fantasies that:

  • Occupy the mental space in a repetitive way, draining your energy;
  • Create brain fog – diet here is a powerful way to transmute this along with cold and heat therapies and other approaches that strengthen the body and mind;
  • Create a feeling of separation through confusion and secrecy, which often leads to a lack of communication and further separation;
  • Feeds illusions, taking your focus and energy away from connection, creativity, positivity and/or constructing living.

When pure Eros is integrated families and friends can be affectionate with each other and even kiss on the lips, if they chose. Some people call this Sacred Eros and it helps navigating the inherent authentic sexual connection we all have with, and that is all around us. Yes, all around. It’s also in nature, in the stars, even the rocks. Eros is the intelligence of growth that supports us into moving from duality into polarity.

In this lifetime I have had the honor of having a healthy blueprint of masculinity shown to me through lived experience with a father, a brother and a son. Both my brother and son are dead now, but I remember that sometimes there was sexual energy, sometimes manifesting in the form of tension, between us. With my father this still exists sometimes, and sadly we cannot communicate properly because of the repressed sexual energy. Perhaps because of the fear of vulnerability expressed, there is a lack of deep communication, and we choose to keep distant.

Sexual energy is very useful and can be utilized as a catalyst when, for example, a man is looking into my cleavage and feels joy in that; it’s much more difficult for him to be rude or project negativity on me. There are a myriad of layers to working with Eros energy. Unacknowledged it can sadly become a shield between people. Illusions are then easily created, fantasies, projections “and all that jazz."

But it’s not just with family; this is true of all relationships, as our core themes play out in every single one. Here’s a list of all the beings with whom I transform my strong Eros. Eros, for me, is simply the pleasure of being alive, which opens us to receive the abundance of flow, connection, authenticity, and creativity. A polarity and the root to innocently cultivation of such energy can be found in, relating to, for me:

Men with whom I resonate, and that includes boyfriends and husbands of other women;

Clients and people I am a client of;


Other women;

Work colleagues;

Even strangers in public.

I draw connection and alchemy in connecting to my masters and my disciples and find it flows comfortably with my friends.

In nature I also find support in this practice from elemental entities and earth divas.

Finally, other sources of integration and cultivation are my teachers, my students and my notebook. Yes, you read well – my last sexual dream was having an orgasm, inside the dream and physically, with the touch of a silky notebook. Now I know that basically all the things I love, I can either multiply or dissipate my energy by how I relate to them.

And here’s what I engage in doing in order to transform it:

» Periods of Celibacy, without repressing the energy – singing, dancing, writing, connecting with the earth, planting seeds, creating art and beautiful things. Touching, seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting the world, and enjoying it from a place of Deep Love, Contemplation and Connection that ignites my inner fire, allowing me to also experience it with desire, passion, or pleasure, with consciousness and full responsibility for it.

» Focusing it into what I’d like to manifest from within. In some traditions, this is called “Sex Magic,” and I have practiced this for many years now; recently, I was initiated into an advanced version of this.

» From my experience, not having the orgasm and not masturbating is my chosen way of feeling the energy and its’ power at this time. With this, I can truly feel the electricity inside! When I feel it “bursting,” it’s when it’s ready to rise - as Tulku Lobsang and other masters say - up to down (male bliss) and then down to up (female bliss).

» This transcends the habituated longing for the release of tension, lust through pleasure, and death of consciousness inherent to the genital orgasm experience.

» From pure love that I am able to tune into, it electrifies me to dream more lucidly. Is this another expression of sexual energy? I think it is, just in another form. Still figuring that out!

» Tummo-Bliss Practice is another example of how this energy can be transmuted and used, allowing it to rise. I have noticed that my energy can also rise when I am in bed – it’s not necessary to be in an upright position.

» Lu Jong proposes other pelvic exercises that keep the uterus and body healthy.

» During meditation, especially when practicing Astral Projection, I can feel the element of water in my body, as well as my energetic body moving up and down, also spinning in different circular directions, having fun.


I believe I am able to do this because I have lived ALL the sexual fantasies I wanted in my life. When fantasy is satiated, it loses its charge and we no longer have the desire. I have always been very curious and luckily smart, which took me to watch my first porno film at the age of seven. I was thinking that perhaps it’s because of my rich previous experiences there is a sense of completion and integration. That part of me does not interfere with my current prayers, gratitude, practices and intentions. There’s no lure from the pull of “normal sex” anymore. I know what it is, and I now make different choices that I feel are healthier and satisfying for my soul. For some people going for the “normal” sex option it can be the first step toward a spiritual, energetic sexual experience of merging into connection and oneness with all things. Learning to do it in dreams is both healthy and safe, free from the entanglement and stories of human drama. Dreams here include imagining it in the state of vigilance (Jnanamudra practice). Trying to work out unconscious sexual patterns in the reality of everyday life can be very dangerous to our mental and energetic well-being. Either through practice or lived experience, you can arrive at a truly compassionate, non-judgmental recognition of sexual energies through experience and know when to allow a certain energy to come, or not.

Ultimately, this has become a choice to harness with sovereignty the positive benefits of my own sexual essence to support me in my life rather than be ruled by it."

Thanks for the inspiration! :heart_eyes:


So awesome thank you for this treasure beloved :green_heart:


I wonder if there is any connection to this and to the dream of the classroom with fucking awesome rock stars who are also true students for life, and will always be life long learners.


Very interesting, what is this?

I have often wondered if periods of celibacy trigger stronger dreams or even more lucidity.

Such a great article. I have not heard of Jnanamudra before.

Interesting that you note water being an element at play here. I wonder if this element too plays a role is dream sex, or harnessing the energy of this and transmuting the sex energy into lucidity? The Water Signs of the zodiac are notoriously talented when it comes to sex and sexuality. :cancer: :scorpius: :pisces:


just the fact that you associated them is genius! :cowboy_hat_face:

to explain it in a simple way:

  1. the first level is at the moment of orgasm, you think of something you’d like to create with that energy;
  2. the second advanced level is to have no goal of orgasm, take it slowly with an intention from the start - a project you wish to manifest. You either touch your body or not (works in both ways) and start rising the energy up. Once it is at an optimum level, you connect again with the project and, in that state, visualize all the details. One of the foundations of this practice is that when you are in this state, there’s no fear, only pure focus, creativity, bliss, love and it all unfolds in a very organic way.

Essential rules for both:

  1. it happens for the highest good of all.
  2. it’s something you wish to manifest for you - not others.

from my experience, it’s not connected.

neither had I - got this name from Dr. Nadi on that video you shared (from Barry). which helped me understand several things better.

Our body is made of water beloved…

from my experience and looking into other people’s maps for the last 30 years, I find a direct connection between Scorpio and sexuality, also because of the 8th house, which is the house of transformation and I would dare saying of Lucid Dreaming and Dreaming in general - in team work with the 12th house of course - the house of Pisces. I have more difficulty in seeing it in cancer… perhaps the home and family structure aspect of all this… from my experience we need a stable family structure for good lucid dreaming.

yes. I would say notoriously sensitive and psychic, being able to merge completely with the other and seeing / sensing the world through their eyes and senses. and again… they make love with all the signs… who resonate with this… we are all connected.


16:40 Darkness enhances our inner light . . .


Check out Mantak Chia’s books “Cultivating Female Sexual Energy” (with Manawan Chia) and, for men, “Cultivating Male Sexual Energy.” This is based on Chinese Taoist sexual yoga. I had a workshop with him years ago, did a bit of practice with it, but got away from it over time. But it’s worth checking out if you are interested in this topic.


I enjoyed the expression “Budhanic” or “Demonic?” :cowboy_hat_face:
and also Dr. Nida saying “don’t know how to say it (Great Bliss) but I have it” :heart_eyes:
Both Dr. Nida and Tulku Lobsang are Tibetan Medicine Masters… I understand now why I was initiated to the Medicine Buddha in 2007… loved Dr. Nida saying that “spiritual tradition is also a medical tradition” (very practical) :rose:


Thank you for the recommendation :pray:t3: sounds interesting :heart_eyes:
Yesterday I ordered two books on this topic (when they arrive I will share a pic of them on the dream books thread). In October this year, I will be learning directly from Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, with whom I took refuge with in 2013. And… I am already practicing Lu Jong (LOVE and recommend it) every week. I think that’s already A LOT.


@BlessingsDeers. Lujong looks good in terms of overall health. The Taoist sexual yoga is more specifically about how to work with and circulate the sexual energy. It’s all good. Follow your own inner guidance.


I was talking with a friend about this today and found out he does this practice - sun and moon in Tao!.. :fire: he’s looking forward to share his experiences with me, and for me to share mine with Astral projection where I feel my energies. Perhaps because I’m giving more attention to this topic, and keep my astral projection daily practice, I am starting to have new energetic experiences :heart_eyes:

is SO simple and SO powerful :cowboy_hat_face:
it’s also the base for other journeys, including Karmamudra.
here’s a really cool video with Dr. Nida:

as he explains in the video @NightHawk999 shared Sex, Dream Sex, Karezza, Karamudra, & Tantra - #4 by NightHawk999, we can do some practices with no other experience required, such as this one.


I am on page 100 of this book.

Interesting to note ALL of the authors out of body experiences happened after making love to his wife.


And the feel emotions the deepest, so you know things are likely to be passionate.

Makes total sense to me.

Cool synchronicity, see my above post about the book