Sex, Dream Sex, Karezza, Karamudra, & Tantra

a-ha… very interesting indeed… I could make a joke here, but will not… hihihi :cowboy_hat_face: :fire:
this book seems VERY interesting… wanna share more about it?

I would call it INTENSE, not necessarily passionate.

I have a Scorpio sister who sometimes just by looking at me, draws my attention in a very intensive way. it’s a delightful connection, except when I’m more into myself. the good thing is we talked about it, and now we can navigate our strong waters with more awareness and clarity… uuuuuffff :cowboy_hat_face: I have also noticed that most of the times it’s not even about me… it’s a space needed to connect also with other friends… (telepathically), not just with her :rose:

Amazing! for me there is no connection though…
What I would notice sometimes after great sex, would be that my energetic body was still moving in a similar watery way for, in some cases, 24 hours after…!

yesterday a student told me about this book written by a British Aeronautical engineer and thought of you:


"J.W. Dunne (1866-1949) was an accomplished English aeronautical engineer and a designer of Britian’s early military aircraft. His An Experiment with Time, first published in 1927, sparked a great deal of scientific interest in–and controversy about–his new model of multidimensional time.

A series of strange, troubling precognitive dreams (including a vision of the then future catastrophic eruption of Mt. Pelee on the island of Martininque in 1902) led Dunne to re-evaluate the meaning and significance of dreams. Could dreams be a blend of memories of past and future events? What was most upsetting about his dreams was that they contradicted the accepted model of time as a series of events flowing only one way: into the future. What if time wasn’t like that at all?

All of this prompted Dunne to think about time in an entirely new way. To do this, Dunne made, as he put it,“an extremely cautious” investigation in a “rather novel direction.” He wanted to outline a provable way of accounting for multiple dimensions and precognition, that is, seeing events before they happen. The result was a challenging scientific theory of the “Infinite Regress,” in which time, consciousness, and the universe are seen as serial, existing in four dimensions.

Astonishingly, Dunne’s proposed model of time accounts for many of life’s mysteries: the nature and purpose of dreams, how prophecy works, the immortality of the soul, and the existence of the all-seeing “general observer,” the “Witness” behind consciousness (what is now commonly called the Higher Self).

Here in print again is the book English playwright and novelist J.B. Priestley called “one of the most fascinating, most curious, and perhaps the most important books of this age.”"


Never read, it definitely made my ears prick up, adding it to the list, thank you my heart.


LOL I wish you would :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

True, can be both, and lets not forget, all 12 signs have birthed some really nasty monsters:

r/pics - Idaho murders suspect Bryan Kohberger seen for the first time since his arrest.


“Many people who follow astrology likely won’t be surprised to find Scorpio at the top of this list, given that the sign’s biggest weaknesses include violence, manipulation, and jealousy.”

This sign is well know for its magnetic, potent, (some say hypnotizing) gaze. Its got a bad rap, because when things are bad, they can get really ugly, but with evolved Scoripios, they are often noted as one of the most powerful signs of the Zodiac. (Tim Cook, Bill Gates, H Clinton)

Yes the afterglow can be very energizing. The opposite is also true, it can also knock me out cold and make me sleep deeply (especially if I am tired before hand).

But really important to note, I dont think this was average sex the author was talking about, or a hook up, I think it was the Purest form of love, between 2 hearts that deeply love eachother (on the deepest level), and had basically become 1 for a lifetime.

It was almost like it was a Spiritual practice that opened the doors for the OBEs.


If you think about who is most likely to murder, again, I would say that anyone with the right motivation will do it! it’s part of our genes.
And if you consider the “licensed” serial killers (military forces), it indeed fits all signs…

associating Scorpio with “cereal killers” would be more accurate from my point of view… hihihi

but if you go to the symbolic killing, where they are able to touch someone into tears, allowing the ego to dissolve, then I would agree.

having in mind the sereal universes, I would also perhaps agree that in discussions, Scorpios are the ones who have no shame of trying to kill the other with their eyes (and possessions)!

i was having fun in associating killing with the signs…
example: the Gemini writes about it… :cowboy_hat_face:
the Aries just does it perfectly, if needed
the Taurus kills food,
and so on :heart_eyes:

indeed… blame it on their mothers… hihihi (probably Scorpio… han?)

I’ve seen pretty evolved Scorpios also getting ugly… it’s part of our human nature…

when I mentioned the watery element, didn’t refer as it being energizing… especially if you wish to do other things…!

beautiful… :rose:
reminds a passage from Interstellar “Love is the only thing we are capable of perceiving that transcends time and space”.

did she also experience the OBEs? or just him? did they meet their energies during an OBE?

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here are the two papers they mention in this video (Karmamudra - Dr Nida Chenagtsang) at 1h33:33:


I also did 3 audios with a resume of all this gold provided by Dr. Nida:
(I did it originally for a beloved friend - Julian Marcus)



I have found this precious piece of text in Carlos Castaneda’s book “The Active Side of Infinity”:
“Don Juan had explained that the body and the energy body were two conglomerates of energy fields compressed together by some strange agglutinizing force. He had emphasized no end that
the force that binds that group of energy fields together was, according to the sorcerers of ancient Mexico, the most mysterious force in the universe. His personal estimation was that it was the pure essence of the entire cosmos, the sum total of everything there is. He had asserted that the physical body and the energy body were the only counterbalanced energy configurations in our realm as human beings. He accepted, therefore, no other dualism than the one between these two. The dualism between body and mind, spirit and flesh, he considered to be a mere concatenation of the mind, emanating from it without any energetic foundation. Don Juan had said that by means of discipline it is possible for anyone to bring the energy body closer to the physical body. Normally, the distance between the two is enormous. Once the energy body is within a certain range, which varies for each of us individually, anyone, through discipline, can forge it into the exact replica of their physical body—that is to say, a three-dimensional, solid being.”

which is aligned with this fascinating topic…

If you @_Barry or anyone reading this message wants the book, I can send it in a pdf format, by email. In this book Castaneda has a chapter named “Who Was Juan Matus, Really?”.

The text continues, aligning with the topic of shape shifting through a daily practice of out of body experiences meditations, which allows us to feel our energetic bodies and travel consciously:
“By the same token, through the same processes of discipline, anyone can forge their three-dimensional, solid physical body to be a perfect replica of their energy body—that is to say, an ethereal charge
of energy invisible to the human eye, as all energy is.”

@fenwizard you might have interest in this message. also @NightHawk999 and @Dream_Hacker