Shadow work

Came up in Session 7.

I’ve been a big fan of shadow work, the psychology stuff.

This book flew off the shelf and opened up in my lap a couple weeks ago. Been meaning to scan the TOC to share areas in life where one might experience ‘contraction’.

MeetingTheShadow_Cover&TOC.pdf (2.5 MB)

I want to more about projection, and I think Kalachakra Chapter 2 is where I go next. Where “Western Psychology” is far different than “Buddhist Psychology”, I’m assuming “psychological projection one’s shadow” (or transference, or displacement - I’ve seen my mind pull some tricky moves back when I was working w/ an awesome therapist!) is different than the mechanics of projection that causes “the reality I experience/see” being based on “who I am” (just one big disembodied floating thought balloon).

Or the phrase, “If you want to know what’s in your subconscious mind, just look around you.” I created this reality-nyam? HOW?!

And WTF am I THINKING!!! :joy:

I highly recommend Robert August Masters’ books.

For dudes, I challenge you to work through his “How to be a Man.” Yes, I bought it. A passion project of mine was showing me how women got a raw f’ing deal but are the ones who need to ‘man up’ (ug). So I was curious if (American white heterosexual) men had any sort of challenge. FYI he worked men’s groups only for a while.

It’s like comparing apples to copper tubing.

(his newsletter indicates he’s pretty frail after a (nother?) heart attack and might be seeing his end…)

I have all of 'em, started w/ the Sounds True audio and I like his way of working with shadow stuff - actual instructions, not just examples/stories as in the first book I scanned.

When that book leapt into my lap, it opened to the chapters on Vajradhatu and the communal shadow around Trungpa - who I hold in super high esteem, never having met him. I also don’t think he’s entirely innocent. Also talks about Vajra Regent and the community hiding stuff after the acid trip wore off. Neutral analysis of where the shadow cropped up and is a good background for what became Shambhala. As I’m associated with that cult…I mean group…I scanned the chapters for a friend. If anyone wants them, shoot me a line. Don’t want to break copyright but it’s in the spirit of understanding which can aid in healing if one “man’s up” (d’oh!).

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I second your recommendation of Robert Augustus Masters’ work. Did quite a bit of work with him and his work/life partner Diane Masters back in the day, and got immense value out of it. I would also highly recommend the work of my friend Iyeshka, who was extensively trained by Robert & Diane.

For dudes, I challenge you to work through his “How to be a Man.”

I think you’re referring to Robert Masters’ book To Be a Man: A Guide to True Masculine Power. I haven’t read that one but I’m sure it’s of great value to people who strongly identify with the gender binary and come down on the “masculine” side of that imaginary line.

Alternatives to breaking copyright:

  • Libraries (including Inter-Library Loan)
  • used copies of Meeting the Shadow: the Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature are available for as low as $6.45 on
  • paperback edition costs $20
  • e-book edition is $15 (Kindle, Barnes & noble, Google Play)