Sitting Lion Posture

Color me slightly confused, especially upon Googling this pose to try to find an illustration and seeing a ton of variations online. How did you approach it?

Here’s what I got from the description in Dream Yoga

Sitting Lion Posture

  • Sit on your haunches
  • Hands on your lap
  • Thumbs tucked into fists
  • Tip your head back and roar; spread your fingers as you roar

Variation suggested in endnotes:

  • Spread your fingers as you breathe out
  • Form fists as you breathe in

The Top 10 Tips download description actually makes slightly more sense to me!

  • Sitting on your legs
  • Hands are more towards your knees
  • Arms are straight
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I dont want to send you on a wild goose chase, but I think I remember seeing Andrew do this meditation in one of his videos. It may have been in the meditation section, or (more likely) it may have been in the book sudy group video section. I think it was the latter, see if you can find the video that corresponds to the section of the book where he is describing that meditation technique.

If my memory serves me correctly, when he did that meditation he opened and closed his hands in syn with the breathing.

Sorry I could not be more exact. If you what an exact answer, you can write out the question and submit it for the next Q&A video, or for the next book study group video, or ask him live during either meeting.

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Good ideas, thank you!

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