The Bardo of Becoming: What’s Next?

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Are you ready for death?

In this powerful talk, Andrew presents an overview of the “Karmic Bardo of Becoming,” highlighting the major points in the after-death journey. This is a concentrated overview not only of the bardos, but of Buddhism altogether. He discusses how death is not just something to study, but to practice; how bardo principles apply to all of life; the promise and peril of such an articulate map; why traditional “thing-thinking” doesn’t work when trying to understand the bardos; why emptiness is central to the death process; and how to work with conscious birthing. What are we truly afraid of when we die? How does meditation prepare us? How can we use fear and anxiety right now to help us prepare? This is one of the richest presentations Andrew has given on this topic.


This is hands down one of Andrew’s best talks! I am beyond grateful for this being shared with us. Thank you @Night.Club !


Really loved this teaching. Thank you.
May I know when and where this teaching was orginally given?