How can you prepare for a Good Birth? Andrew Holecek and Bob Thurman On Buddhism, Death & Rebirth

I had a rich time with Professor Bob Thurman in our joint presentation / conversation on the Bardo of Becoming, a two-weekend program starting October 2nd. If you haven’t experienced Bob’s brilliance, you’re in for a treat. Here is our free “Welcome and Introduction” talk recorded on 9/24/2020:

Examine the karmic bardo of becoming, which constitutes the majority of our after-death experience. It’s a fluid and volatile time, when the winds of habit blow us involuntarily into our next birth. With preparation, it transforms into the bardo of opportunity, where we can become anything we want by waking up to the experience and taking control.

Learn what to do before, during, and after death – for yourself and for others – from a spiritual and practical perspective. You will leave this program with unshakeable confidence for what lies ahead.This video is a part of the Tibet House US Menla Digital Archives & is brought to you by the generosity of it’s membership community.


I so want to sign up for this but I’ve already got so much dream chow on my plate… Argh, what to do?

Anyway I saw the introduction live and man you guys are hilarious! Andy and Bob, the Dream Team!