[MENLA] Graceful Entry: Preparing For A Good Birth Introduction (Sept. 23, 2020 - Six-Day Program)


This retreat, based on the Tibetan Books of the Dead, will examine the karmic bardo of becoming, which constitutes the majority of our after-death experience. It’s a fluid and volatile time, when the winds of habit blow us involuntarily into our next birth. With preparation, it transforms into the bardo of opportunity, where we can become anything we want by waking up to the experience and taking control.

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Some Topics We Will Cover

  • Types of experiences to expect
  • Best practices to prepare
  • Lucid dreaming and lucid dying
  • How this bardo occurs in daily life
  • Understanding the power of habit/karma
  • The importance of emptiness
  • The Six Realms and voluntary rebirth
  • The role of Phowa and the Pure Lands
  • Meeting your maker – the samskaras* What is it that reincarnates?
  • Why do we reincarnate?
  • How do the masters experience this bardo?
  • The problem of proof – are these teachings really true?

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