The Complete Book of Buddhas Lists (free Download)

The Complete Book of Buddhas Lists – Explained is Dr. David N. Snyders approach to Buddhism through the the many lists of the Buddha. The author describes their compatibility to scientific method and principles. Dr. Snyder makes it very clear that Buddhism is not just a dogmatic or mystical religion. He includes a whole chapter on biological evolution and the other chapters keep with this evolutionary theme of going from an ordinary individual to an extra-ordinary Awakened One.

Amongst other things I thought the mathematical equation describing the four noble truths was worthy of contemplation.


I like this book too. There is a nice summary of just the lists here.


WOW this amazing!

So much information, really appreciate you shairng that. Loved many of the quotes. It will take me a few days to chew through and digest. Blown away by the wealth of knowledge it has.


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Short but very SWEET

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