🐯 The Dakini Code: Lotus-Born Master and the Event Horizon (Guru Rinpoche, Guru Padmasambhava)

THE DAKINI CODE will focus on astrophysics concepts related to the dark hole and wave theory connected to concepts like dark matter. The expedition will seek to explore how ancient traditional philosophies understood these concepts and the interaction of science and early technologies.

Laurence Brahm believes, “The Lotus-Born Master” (Guru Padmasambhava/Guru Rinpoche) was an important historical figure having embraced many different cultures across the Himalayan region while merging philosophy with science. He was also a goodwill ambassador of peace. His ideas reflected a common shared destiny and interconnected cultural heritage of mankind.”

THE DAKINI CODE is the third film in Laurence Brahm’s Lotus-Born Master series. His earlier works SEARCHING FOR THE LOTUS-BORN MASTER (2018) and RETURN OF THE LOTUS-BORN MASTER (2019) have won multiple international film festival awards.

The film is produced by William Lo and Laurence Brahm and is a Shambhala Studio production.

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