The Importance of Movement within Dream

Good morning everyone :blush:

I had a dream last night that inspired me to write what I learned about movement within dream.

The dream was simply me recognizing I was dreaming - I noticed the quality of my attention and sharp and clear images of the scene I found myself - admidst shoppers in a grocery store!

I close my eyes in attempt to dissolve the dream as taught by @Andrew and Alan Wallace. I immediately decended into blackness and I felt myself falling, and slight wind rushing as I fall (my back is facing the bottom etc). I notice this going on for about a minute and because I am getting uneasy, unsure of what will happen next, I start repeating words like healing, restoration, liberation…and then I can’t remember what happened next. I didn’t immediately wake up so I suppose I started to dream something else or went non lucid.

When I awoke and shared my dream with my partner I realized suddenly that the sensation of falling might have been a way to prevent me from being popped out of the dream immediately as what’s happened in the past when I would close my eyes or try to meditate (the stopping of motion). I also recognize how my uneasiness was actually fear creeping in and it’s possible responsibility of making me go non lucid, to escape the situation I found myself in.

I can’t wait for the next opportunity to meditate in this free fall again.

I am genuinely interested to hear of others accounts of the attempt to dissolve dreams by closing one’s eyes and beginning to meditate in the dream state.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend.

  • Chantal

All of the WILDs I have begin with a sense of free falling, it can also be a feeling if flying up instead of down and I’ve also experienced a feeling of spinning while in a free fall.

If you remain calm and patient during this feeling a dream will form around you. Also, if you want to take part in forming your dream while free falling repeat a place or thing you’d like to experience in your dream voice.

It sounds to me like you were observing the transition between being awake and transitioning into a dream. When I close my eyes while in a lucid dream it usually wakes me up and if I meditate shortly after a new dream forms.

For me the best way to transition to a new dream without waking up is making portals, imagine one is around a corner or door if you have trouble with this technique.


I so enjoyed reading about your experiences! You’ve given me confidence to stay with the falling experience and wait for the next dream to form. The idea of having a dream form around me brings to mind the analogy of the eye of the storm. The appearance forming around me and being able to stay lucid as I enter it. I promise to report back.

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience :pray:


I experience the same. My WILDs start this way and if I shout out my goal in a DILD and ignore the current dream scene, I’m lost in empty space, falling, or flying until a new dream scene (sometimes more cartoon like at the beginning) arises.
When I close my eyes to meditate, I wake up. Therefore I now want to do kinhin (walking zen meditation) and explore the current dream environment in open awareness, with open senses, as a Zen teacher has recommended to me.


I have noticed that when I stopped moving while lucid, it woke me up. Also had the same experience with closing my eyes ending the lucidity and waking me up.


I tried meditating once when lucid, closed my eyes, all turned grey and then I woke up. Recently, I tried it again, all turned grey, I floated for a minute or two, then opened my eyes and I was still dreaming, still lucid.


This is the same experience I had when meditating while lucid but only for about 10-15 seconds.

Strangely, I have always set it as a goal to meditate while lucid but it has been one of the more difficult things for me to remember to do.

When I did remember I sat in normal posture but kept my eyes open. Shortly after I began floating and was pulled around in circular motions staying relatively close to where i sat. It felt like I was on a Rollercoaster. It stopped and I ended up on a cart next to some one (the style with wooden wheels that would be pulled by a horse or something similar) that seemed pretty wise.


I also have the experience of waking up when in a dream i close my eyes. this has helped me to, when I feel i want to exit the dream, i just close my eyes :slight_smile:

great explanation of the dream forming around you.
brilliant tip of meditating shortly after a new dream forms. I will do that :slight_smile: