Hello from Seattle!

Hello dreamers!

I’ve just started my journey in dreaming. I haven’t had a lucid dream yet, only one where I was dimly aware it was a dream. I intend to start some daily habits like reality checks and dream journaling. I have journaled my dreams in the past, and I found they became more vivid, but fell off for a bit. I intend to pick that back up again. Also trying to integrate daily meditation and breathing sessions.

Currently reading through Dream Yoga, and it really speaks to me. It resonates with a lot of other things I’ve been reading and thinking about, and I find it’s well written and intriguing to read!

I did have a question about falling asleep. Last night I was trying to fall asleep by focusing on my breathing, deep and slow, and visualizing a red pearl in my throat. When I was fully relaxed, I started to feel sort of warm and fuzzy around the edges of my body. It felt almost like I was falling backwards, and my eyes began to rapidly move back and forth, making me sort of dizzy. If I tensed up, or breathed too deep, I would come out of it. I felt too awake to fall asleep, though I tried again and felt close to… something. Not sure what, though.

Would anyone know about sensations like these?


Welcome! Andrew would. Why not ask him Thursday afternoon at the “Hangout?” You can post the question here (page under construction so not yet available), or attend the webinar and ask it live (better).