The Nature of Reality

As lucid dreamers, we are the forefront of investigating reality itself. Who can fail to wonder about waking reality after marvelling at the reality of a dream? I am currently reading a book that proposes Nick Bostrom’s simulation theory as the explanation for many experiences linked to lucid dreaming. However, there is no clear explanation linking the two streams of thought. It is as if the author has read about the simulation theory and decided this is the explanation for a string of hard to exlain phenomena. There are several books like this and I am starting to called them woo woo books which is not good because I’m not sure they help the advancement of thinking in our area.
This cherry picking of ideas can be confusing for readers not familiar with the latest thinking on reality (including the simuation theory). For this I would recommend the recent ‘The Nature of Reality’ New Scientist Essental Guide No 1.It covers most of the recent ideas on reality based on quantum physics and cosmology including a section on how consciousness might fit into the picture. There are no clear answers in this book, just a summary of the different ideas, but I think it helps with dealing with woo woo talk in books written around lucicd dreaming. Maybe nobody has the answer at the moment but this guide provides food for thought for the experimental dreamer of sleep and ‘reality’.


I approve of this :slight_smile:



I’ve heard very good things about this book from a scientist friend who is ls also studying Dharma.