Thich Naht Hanh quote

Hi @Andrew! Can you please explain the TNH quote on page 252 of Dream Yoga, specifically “when we think something we are those thoughts. We and our thoughts are not separate. When we say something, those words are us; there is no speaker outside of the words. …”

My understanding is that we are not our thoughts, but the awareness of the thoughts, the pure consciousness. As such, this quote is a little confusing to me.

Thank you!


This is a great question for our Thursday free gatherings, I’ll address it there. Too subtle and too much to type in!


Good question, and I addressed it in our last Webinar, just a reminder. Has to do with relative and absolute truth, and the spectrum of our identity. Welcome aboard.


Probably in this Webinar. I remember the question being asked and the response but not exactly when it was. It did concern the relative and absolute. Made sense to me.

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