Up the mountain I go!

I’m carrying my dream journal on my back up the mountain. It’s on fire but is not burning up. I’m standing in rivulets of water that stream down off the mountain top. I’m on my way up and in the flow.

I do believe that this dream from two nights ago is in response to being on this lucid dreamers board. Thanks for all the comments!!


Great symbolism in this dream. I would interpret the stream a bit differently, it is flowing down, you are hiking up, I would say that means you are going against the flow, or put another way, you are going against the forces that may try to trip you up, send you tumbling down, and splash and try to extinguish your FIRE. The spiritual path is the path of the warrior, lots of forces and obsticles will try to destroy your fire.

Similar symbolism to your dream of whats above the trees, what is at the top of the mountain (and above)? Finding the high ground, gives you the best view of the landscape, I think this parallels the symbolism of connecting to the collective consciousness.

Not sure if it is connected to the forest dream, but in both dreams the journal was on fire. Somewhat reminds me of Dantes symbolism in Inferno and the divine comedy: He had to hike out of the wild forest (hell) and up the mountain side (purgatory) in order to find paradise (heaven).

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How long have you been lucid dreamin for?

How long have you been meditating for?

How do you meditate, or what types of meditation do you do?

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Maybe, except the water was acting like an energy drink, aiding me in my ascent. It’s intent was not to extinguish the flame. The source of the water’s energy was the mountain itself.


Ah, very interesting, then I doubt it was acting as an obsticle then.

Mountain water is typically spring feed, or fed by snow melt, or both, making it some of the purest drinking water you can consume. Water is a symbol for wisdom, and for the unconscious, seems like both are aiding your path here.

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