💚 UPDATED Environmentalists Turn Nepal’s Bouddha Stupa Prayer Flags White for the Earth

Thought this was notable as my niece is trying to make a difference.

In an event on Saturday, 18 December, the iconic, colorful prayer flags of the Bouddha Stupa in Nepal were taken down and replaced with white flags. Ang Dolma Sherpa, a Buddhist laywoman and entrepreneur, helped spearhead the event. The goal, she says, is to eliminate both synthetic fibers and chemical dyes from the country’s widespread business of producing and using Buddhist prayer flags.


Additional information for anyone interested in ordering:

Our frist copy of Biodegradable khada Was blessed by Chokyi Nyigma Rinpoche and Biodegradable lungta was blessed and apporved by Kyabgon Phakchok Rinpoche. Our first production of Biodegradable lungta and Khadas was used and hanged at Asura Cave (pharping ) during Guru Rimpoche Puja by Kyabgon Phakchok Rinpoche. He and Kandro la has always always been very supportive of this idea of reviving our old culture of using environment friendly products in our daily practices which puts nature and our culture in harmony.

The origin of Lungta (prayer flags) was a paper stamped with mantra and hanged in small thread. Later white cotton cloth stamped with black charcoal ink was used and these practices were mostly done in each buddhist household and were produced for their own personal use. Now we get coloured synthetic prayer flags in nylon ropes and are produced as commercial products too. These khada and prayer flags which helds high religious value in Buddhism.

Prices are as follows:

Biodegradable lungta : $5 Length : 9 meters 25 leaflets prayers Materials: 100% cotton , natural ropes and can be composted
Biodegradable khada: $3 2:15 meters approximately Material: Bamboo and cotton blend. 8:10

For more info you can contact Ang Dolma Sherpa: Sea2sherpa@gmail.com