Using Dream Characters to become Lucid?

Does anyone have any advice or tips on how to use re-occurring dream characters as a signal that you are dreaming?

Not nightmare characters, but just people that pop up in the dream that I would not be seeing in public or hanging out with. (People I typically avoid in the waking state).

Any meditative strategies or imagination techniques of how to use them as reality checks/ dream signs and help prompt lucidity in the dream? Any links, sources, or videos would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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I don’t have any good ideas (still a novice myself) but wanted to add that I find that certain people from my past show up in my dreams a lot. My grandfather, my doctoral thesis advisor, my parents as young people. People who have died or i haven’t seen for many years. I’d like to talk with them but haven’t succeeded with that yet. I’m interested in other people’s experiences with this sort of thing.


@NightHawk999 You might want to read-up on the subject of “Dream signs”. That’s what these dream characters you recognize can be viewed as.
You could use prospective memory techniques (intention) to prime yourself to become lucid next time you see any of these characters.

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@realitywell19 Were you lucid when you encountered them in dream and tried to talk to them?

In some of my dreams I was lucid and in most of these situations the answers I got were incoherent. But, I think that it depends greatly on the type of the specific dream. Depending on the type of dream (e.g. karmic dream) one most probably is not meeting an entity but a karmic trace associated with the vision of that person.
If it was a dream in which a superficial karmic trace was being activated, then the answers were always incoherent.
In dreams which are less influenced by karmic traces, communication is said to be possible.
Nevertheless, even in karmic dreams it can be very healing to engage that karmic energy associated with that vision.

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I have indeed been keeping track of dream signs and that’s partly how i noted these characters recurring. I’ve tried having the intention to speak with them but so far no luck. I keep waking up when I try to move from witnessing the dream (which happens fairly often) to initiating something in the dream. I meditate nearly daily so I wonder if that peaceful abiding awareness is occurring in the dream world as well.
I don’t know what Karmic traces are though. Can you explain in more depth or send a link?

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Karmic dreams and karmic traces are explained in great detail in The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep

but I think that they are also covered in Dream Yoga by Andrew.


Thank you @KhyungMar , really appreciate the tips. I will look into Dream signs any advice on how to use Intention in priming with people. Do I just imagine them, and at the same time do a reality check, like holding my nose or jumping up?

Many of my dreams have a reoccurring theme of being out in nature, forests, mountains, etc. Any tricks on priming for those scenarios?

I thought maybe I would do a reality check every time I saw a tree, but that is kind of a lot, I would be spending half my day looking at my hands and back at the trees, plants, etc.

In that case I‘d just continue practicing to do RCs in time intervals during the day since nothing special can be used as trigger. The point is to do them frequently.

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Thank you, that book you recommended is so good. I need to be much more consistent and frequent in my RCs. Really appreciate the advice and the book, it is amazing.