Dream yoga but using a dream character?

Had a dream where this situation popped up. Wondering what you thought because it is commonly believed that within a dream it is your own mind you are exploring. So what does it mean when you are able to witness dream yoga when a dream character does it.

This is the dream I had, it was lucid:

A dream character said “dream yoga” then put 3 silver coins into a giant circular machine about half the size of a carousel. I walked outside where there were rolling grass hills. There were lots of different chairs for people to sit on close to me then I heard him say it’d be great if all my students had this chair.

Then the chair we were looking at started spawning across the rolling grass hills evenly spaced and identical as far as I could see. Then as I flew past the chairs outlines of people that were 100% black spawned on the chairs and started pulling items out of their pocket. They were all different sizes and seemed completely random. The items were white and had a small glow around them. One of the items was comically huge. Made me do a double take.

So I’m wondering how this situation would fall. Does it count toward dream yoga practice(spawning items and beings)? When I woke up it felt like some one else did this and it was not me at all that did it.

Wanted to add this image, it is rare you can depict something in a dream accurately but the dream characters that showed up looked identical to this except they were 3d and walking towards me as I went by.

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Not sure to be honest, I am no expert. But I think if you could clarify these questions it mijght give the experts better ability to answer what was going on:

A what point did you become lucid?
Were you fully lucid for the enitre experience?
While the dream character was practicing dream yoga, was there a sense that they were part of you or you part of them? Meaning could you feel what they were feeling, or see what they were seeing?
What was your intention at the time?

If your intention was not to do the DY, and youmcould not feel the intention of the dream character or characters being that of wanting to do and then doing DY, then I think this may not qualify as DY.

But based on your answers to the above questions, this may be (or be very close to) stage 7 dream yoga, where you have switched bodies and become a diety, or someone else with divine powers.

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It was a DILD and I was lucid for a little bit before, then I was leaving a room where the dream character was, and as I was leaving, he said “dream yoga” in an almost begrudging way. The way it was said was almost like, ok, if you really want to see dream yoga, here you go.

So, the first two questions are: I was lucid for about one-third of the dream, but once I became lucid, I didn’t lose lucidity. I remember being lucid while he put the coins in and was lucid after until the end of the dream.

The third question, I think, would be answered no, but at the same time, when we picked the chair, I had a strong feeling that shifted from “that would be expensive” to something where I just knew they would appear. So that feeling may have been shared because I’ve never had that before in my dream. Overall, I felt separate from him as if he was a friend. I felt like he was showing me how to do it or showing me what could be done inside the dream. As far as seeing what he saw after he put the coins in the machine, I turned my head away from him and did not see him again after that, even when we agreed on the chair. His addition was verbal, and I didn’t see him; I was only looking at the chair.

The fourth question: my intention was to explore, which is usually my favorite thing to do.

Also, I think it is worth noting that the most success I’ve had with duplicating items prior to this was oranges. I’d put one in my hand, turn/rub, then separate my hands, and I’d have one in each hand.

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Based off this info, I think this probably was not Dream Yoga, but keep in mind my opinion means nothing on this topic, I know nothing.

I think Dream Yoga needs to involve a stronger intention or intentions in the practice, that is the ‘Yoga’ aspects of these practices. You are ‘actively’ working with your mind space.

I think that fact that you had a knowing that they would appear is somewhat using the power of intention. I have had a few dreams where I thought something bizzare might happen, and then it did, just becuase I think it was on my mind.

Very cool dream, it sounds like it may have been a teaching dream, or a dream where your subconscious or a higher level entity was trying to show you something important.

Couldnt help but see the symbolism in these black figures possibly being an aspect of your Shadow. The fact that they were manipulating white light objects is a really interesting juxtaposition.

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This is an interesting idea based on what happen earlier in the dream. I usually don’t have dreams like this but in the 2nd part, my group and I were getting chased and attacked by a rabid raccoon. Each of us would be able to neutralize it for a couple seconds but it would break free and bite us. It gave me four big open wounds on my arms. I was able to get inside a building then I slammed the door behind me and it landed on the raccoons neck, incapacitating it, shortly after a snake started eating it. That scene is where I started becoming lucid.

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Very interesting symbolism, not sure what it means. Could be something extermal or internal is nagging at you and causing pain (wounds).

The snake is very interesting. Did you know the ancient healing Temples of Asclepius were rumored to have snakes roaming around freely?

Historians dont know why exactly, but the snake did symbolize healing to the Greeks and Romans(you can see it depicted on many medical icons even today). My theory for the snakes is they served not just religious significance, but they solved a common problem back then: Rat and Mice infestation. Given the temples were more often than not located in Urban areas or very rural areas, and attracted a lot of human activity, that in tern would attract lots of (often disease carrying) vermin. You could call them an enviornmentally friendly mouse trap :wink:

So I think the snake may have symbolized something (in the future or present ) healing whatever may possibly be currently plagueing/nagging you.

I can see this vaguely paralleling the shadow figures holding white light objects. In healing meditations, white light is often visualized.


Andrew addressed your question about the snake in the Book Study Group. Check the recording when it’s up.


I dont think I asked him a question about a snake? The BCG video from last night?


It was about some initiation, I believe.


Ah, about the Scorpion seal?


Yeah, that’s it! Not a great short-term memory guy. :slightly_smiling_face:



Not nuch material onlime about it, this was the best I could find :upside_down_face:


Haven’t listened to it yet, but had some fun making this on MidJourney w/ a little inpainting using stable diffusion. Didn’t upscale it unfortunately when it was made so the quality isn’t the best.


Lol, that is really cool, looks much more realistic than the one I found. Amazing how detailed and accurate the computer can make it.