Very Punny Dream

Thought y’all might appreciate this dream. :slight_smile:

Background – I’m fairly new to my lucid dreaming practice, and so have been thinking a lot about REM sleep, sleep stages, etc. I’ve also followed Clare Johnson’s advice and asked my Dreaming Mind to help me become lucid in my dreams. That said…

The dream:
I am part of a group seated together to do a meditation. Amid the meditation, the walking-life song “Stand” (“Stand in the place where you live/Now face North”) begins to play. It’s a happy interruption and several of us can’t resist dancing.

[I didn’t get the reference until after I woke up but, of course, that song was recorded by the band *REM* !]


LOL – fun! :slight_smile:


Vow, very wise and funny at the same time :slight_smile: fascinating :slight_smile: