VR lullaby machine shown to induce tranquil pre-sleep states

Article: VR lullaby machine shown to induce tranquil pre-sleep states: Artists and technologists have joined forces to create Inter-Dream, an immersive VR experience that can ease you into the right frame of mind for sleep.

This sounds fascinating:

Designed by PluginHUMAN art duo, Dr Betty Sargeant and Justin Dwyer, the system involves an interactive bed and ambient music controlled by the artists, and kaleidoscopic visuals controlled by the user with their own brainwaves, via EEG.

With each brain frequency assigned a different colour and brainwave intensity tied to movement, each person’s brain activity generates unique imagery.

PhD researcher with RMIT University’s Exertion Games Lab, Natahan Semertzidis, has now assessed the system for inducing pre-sleep states and general mental wellbeing.

“Technology and sleep are always talked about as incompatible,” Semertzidis says. “Our findings flip that notion upside down and show how technology can also aid rest and relaxation.”

And I love the perspective in the following quote:

Semertzidis’ co-supervisor Professor Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller, who heads RMIT University’s Exertion Games Lab, said the project demonstrated how art and science can complement each other in novel approaches to address old problems.

“The work really puts the human body centre stage, allowing us to see the human body not just as a mere input controller, but rather allowing people to experience their bodies as play,” Mueller said.

“For me, this is a beginning to facilitate a more playful future, in particular, one where we can even experience rest and ultimately sleep as a form of (digital) play: it would be fascinating to explore what such a future could look like and we are always looking for PhD candidates who want to explore this.”

Yes, let’s have a more playful, embodied, human-centered future where tech is used to complement & enhance us rather than manipulate & control us. :smile:




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