Yantra yoga 'A to Z'

Hi Friends,

Sharing a link to a year long online training that will begin later this month and I will be a part of.

Yantra Yoga ‘A to Z’ is a comprehensive yantra yoga training program in conjunction with the ATIYOGA Foundation with instructors from around the globe, including short weekend immersives and weekly practices. Yantra yoga is a system of trulkhor (yantra yoga) from Tibet brought to the west by the Dzogchen master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu (who was a profound dream, btw). Everything will be recorded for playback.

I’ve asked our moderator if it would be okay to share here (“yes!”).

Yantra yoga is an ancillary and complete practice. I feel it can be a great support to folks interested in dream yoga since it can profoundly influence and improve the functions of the prana (what modern science may refer to as the nervous system).

Below is the link:


Sounds pretty cool and based on what I was just thinking about in the other thread about incorporating daytime practices into lucid dreaming it would be an interesting experiment for someone to learn these practices and lucid dreaming simultaneously then set the intention every night to perform the practices they learned from the day in their lucid dreams.


love it! next level practice that i should be taking advantage of as well :slight_smile:


Thank you! I wanted to learn this with more efficience than the book! I will join too.