360 Degree Vision in Dreams

Came across this in a book that discussed lucid dreaming and dream yoga. It is a less common book and I forget the name at the moment but might be able to find it again if anyone is interested but here is a tidbit I saved from it that I thought was a fascinating thought, something that indeed seems difficult to my waking mind. The only way I could think of practicing this would be with the use of mirrors.

You can intend to see tri-dimensionally 360 around you in all six directions, but at the beginning this undertaking is not easy because how our mind is pre-set.

Any ideas on a way to go about this in a dream? Do you think it is even possible?


No clue to be honest, but have heart numerous skilled lucid dreamers talk about it as well.

I for sure believe it is possible.

I think that would be a really great question to ask Andrew, as his answer I think it would help many dreamers on here.

While you are at it, ask him about dreaming in the 5th dimension :upside_down_face: Talk about an experience that would blow your mind!

I believe this is possible as well. Had a hard time imaginimg what it would look like, but I think this image from the article is helpful in giving youma foundation for the visualization:

Dreams are amazing!


I love this scene in Interstellar! Definitely going to explore this idea today. Thank you!

Might have to submit a question on this one.


What about Spherical vision? Which would be 360 degree vision, looking out in all directions of a sphere?

Dont know how to do the math, 360*360= 129600 degree vision?

Answers I found online said it would be ‘64, 442 degree vision’

Whatever the calsculation is, I think that is possible as well in dreams, just have not heard anyone talk about it.

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This is what I was thinking too, 360 degree vision so you’d see everything the center point would be your presence. The best pictures I could find that represent this are these two pictures.

This being what a flying version of 360 degree vision looks like:

And this one I particularly like because it shows a distortion of the straight line that is bent from the vision being in spherical form. As you walk forward this line would stay centered at your feet but the line would continue to bend in the same manner as the picture shows as you walk. Buildings etc would get larger as you are walking towards them and buildings etc your walking away from would become smaller. Also, the vision being a complete sphere you’d see all the sky etc above you.

The only thing I think that cannot be expressed in a picture is how this image would wrap around your presence. That would be the portion that would need to be explored in the dream realm.


I didnt even think about what it would be like moving around in those imagaes, very cool to think about buildings moving closer to you as others fade in the ‘rear view mirror’. His artwork is really good:

You are right, his depictions are the best I have seen of an artist trying to display this view. Wish he did one at night time with the stars and milky way as the sky.


Thank you for sharing those, incredible and it gets my mind moving into the concept. I really believe this is possible the more I consider it.

I thought of a new idea too while exploring this concept.

In a dream, imagine little bubbles that are dream scenes that you can interact with:

Then when you find one you like you approach it and hold it in your hands. Then examine it like this to decide if it is something you want to explore:

I’d imagine entering the bubble would look similar to this visualization, the vision field being initially at the open section of the circle:

The view I’d imagine would be something similar to this as you peer inside the bubble:

The space would warp around you as you walk due to the vision field being a sphere instead of the relatively flat vision we currently have.

The final step is best represented in this picture, 360 degree vision, where the awareness present is the central dot:

This to me seems like a feasible progression to gaining 360 degree awareness in the dream state. I’ll try it out when I can remember. I usually forget what I want to attempt in lucid dreams when I have them though :smiling_face:.


Interesting discussion that reminds me of something I studied at the Waldorf School Teacher training program a while ago, called Projective Geometry.

Projective geometry takes the elements of Euclid but stretches them in space toying with the idea of infinity. This geometry has seen application in the perspective drawings done already during the Renaissance by such artists as DaVinci and Durer. Projective geometry challenges Euclid’s elements asking us to see points as lines of infinity and whole planes becoming points. The mysteries of infinity order the random and obscure the ordered.

For example:


Your post of that picture of the bubbles reminded me of this 2000 year old personification of Somnos, the God of Sleep, he has bubbles just like you described floating all around his bedroom:

Bk XI:573-649 The House of Sleep
There is a deeply cut cave, a hollow mountain, near the Cimmerian country, the house and sanctuary of drowsy Sleep. Phoebus can never reach it with his dawn, mid-day or sunset rays. Clouds mixed with fog, and shadows of the half-light, are exhaled from the ground. No waking cockerel summons Aurora with his crowing: no dog disturbs the silence with its anxious barking, or goose, cackling, more alert than a dog. No beasts, or cattle, or branches in the breeze, no clamour of human tongues. There still silence dwells. But out of the stony depths flows Lethe’s stream, whose waves, sliding over the loose pebbles, with their murmur, induce drowsiness. In front of the cave mouth a wealth of poppies flourish, and innumerable herbs, from whose juices dew-wet Night gathers sleep, and scatters it over the darkened earth. There are no doors in the palace, lest a turning hinge lets out a creak, and no guard at the threshold. But in the cave’s centre there is a tall bed made of ebony, downy, black-hued, spread with a dark-grey sheet, where the god himself lies, his limbs relaxed in slumber. Around him, here and there, lie uncertain dreams, taking different forms, as many as the ears of corn at harvest, as the trees bear leaves, or grains of sand are thrown onshore.
When the nymph entered and, with her hands, brushed aside the dreams in her way, the sacred place shone with the light of her robes. The god, hardly able to lift his eyes heavy with sleep, again and again, falling back, striking his nodding chin on his chest, at last shook himself free of his own influence, and resting on an elbow asked her (for he knew her) why she had come, and she replied:
‘Sleep, all things’ rest: Sleep, gentlest of the gods, the spirit’s peace, care flies from: who soothes the body wearied with toil, and readies it for fresh labours: Sleep, order a likeness, that mirrors his true form, and let it go, the image of King Ceyx, to Alcyone, in Trachin of Hercules, and depict a phantasm of the wreck. This, Juno commands.’

After she had completed her commission, Iris departed no longer able to withstand the power of sleep, and, feeling the drowsiness steal over her body, she fled, and recrossed the arch by which she had lately come.

From a throng of a thousand sons, his father roused Morpheus, a master craftsman and simulator of human forms. No one else is as clever at expressing the movement, the features, and the sound of speech. He depicts the clothes and the usual accents. He alone imitates human beings. A second son becomes beast, or bird, or long snake’s body. The gods call him Icelos, the mortal crowd Phobetor. The third, of diverse artistry, is Phantasos: he takes illusory shapes of all inanimate things, earth, stones, rivers, trees. These are the ones that show themselves by night to kings and generals, the rest wander among citizens and commoners. Old Somnus passed them by, choosing one of all these brothers, Morpheus, to carry out the command of Iris, daughter of Thaumas, and relaxing again into sweet drowsiness, his head drooped, and he settled into his deep bed.

Do you think its a coincidence Morpheus was guiding Neo through the dreamworld in the Matrix?


I have to admit when it comes to in depth things written a long time ago it is difficult for me to fully understand what may have been meant. This is one of the reasons I value having ChatGPT available. I placed the passage in there and started asking it questions about the passage to help make sense of the passage then apply it to the film. I was able to come to this reply. Hope it doesnt lessen my attempt to reply to your question.

“Morpheus in the story is not directly related to the Greek mythological figure. However, the choice of name for the character may be an intentional allusion to the power of dreams and the idea that the world we perceive may not be the true reality.”

"One interpretation is that Morpheus represents the power of the mind to create and shape reality. In the film, the Matrix is portrayed as a construct of the mind, created by a superintelligent AI to enslave humanity. Morpheus, as a representation of the power of the mind, helps Neo to understand the true nature of the Matrix and (teaches Neo how) to break free from its illusions.

Another interpretation is that Morpheus represents the idea of choice and free will. In the film, Morpheus offers Neo a choice between taking the blue pill and remaining in the illusory world of the Matrix or taking the red pill and seeing the true reality. This choice represents the power of the individual to break free from the constraints of the mind and choose their own path."

As a side note I do love how elegantly that passage mentions the god of sleep having many uncertain dreams surrounding him at his bed. It does kind of sound like a representation of those bubbles.

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I like this portion too, it is a small synchronicity about a story I wrote collaborating with AI. I uploaded it 2 days ago, over 24 hours before you put this post up. The plot of the short story is Gaia being able to bring her dream to completion (could be interpreted as bring her dream from an uncertain one to a certain one).

Thought about this when I woke up. While the story isn’t a New York times bestseller I thought it was worth sharing considering the quinkydink(time stamps proving the small synchronicity).


That story was really well done. It reminds me of a line that Ekhart often says, something like : the univere is constantly evolving into new forms in order to know itself better. Have too find the direct quote, my words dont do his justice.


The topic of perception without looking from behind the eyes has fascinated me forever.
Yes, it can be explored while dreaming, meditating, during near death experiences ( don’t try this at home)
It is often said to be one of the aspects of the ‘enlightened’ view when the sense of a single solid “ me” located in space and time drops.

Also check out Frank Yang’s channel if interested

There are many such examples on YouTube
I started a virtual reality company 5 years ago whose mission is to construct a lucid dream like environment to ‘teach/simulate’ awakening.

If you imagine seeing in 360 there is still a point of view located as the center of the sphere
As we move POV from behind the eyes to “overview” from above, then to 360, the view expands but never looses its reference point.
The awakened view is like this but with no center point. Virtual reality needs a center point to create a 3D appearance so we can point a finger at the moon but it is not the moon…

If you need a “ me” to construct/maintain the illusion of a 3D world ( daytime reality) one must wonder if it is “real” at all or constructed by the perceiver at the center of the sphere.


I imagine the awakened view as being like a room filled with water, and every water molecule having 360 awareness, and ‘Buddha vision’ being able to see the summation of all those molecules awareness as one. Not sure if that is accurate or not though.


It’s possible yes.
You think about it and once in the dream, you give that command. It might take a few times but with intention, heart and persistence, you can make it.


last night in bed i remembered a dream that somehow was 360 degrees:
it was non-lucid but… it was incredible and gave me a deep insight about how I was relating to a colleague at that time.
We were a circle of people and I was sharing some things. A person that I was working with at that time, was on my right, but I wasn’t paying very much attention to him.
Then, an observer, consciousness, voice came and said:
Vanda, please step back and see yourself and how you are interacting with people (especially that person). When I stepped back, I could see the whole of what was happening and I was still there.
So the observer asked something like “do you see your attitude with him?”
and I was so grateful to see that I was not recognizing him as much as I could.

This dream changed my relationship with that person. It wasn’t instantaneously but with time, things evolved.