Visualizing higher dimensional geometry as a spiritual practice

A while back I read P.D. Ouspensky’s book Tertium Organum. In it he basically equates spiritual realities and the beings that inhabit these realms with higher dimensions. He says that through spiritual practice we can start perceiving these realms as well. This accounts for some of the siddhis advanced practioners and realized beings have. 4th dimensional being would be able to know what is going to happens or what has already happened and jump from one location to another instantly because they can perceive time and move in that dimension. From our perspective that appears miraculous, from the perspective of a 4th dimensional being, it’s only natural. We similarly would appear as gods to 2 dimensional beings, though moving through 3 dimensions is only natural to us.

I was intrigued by the idea- and I still am. I was further intrigued when he went on to argue that you could use visualizing higher dimensional objects as a spiritual technique. Through this process- similar to the practice of illusory form- you will be able to gradually expand your capability of perceiving higher dimensional forms. Stretching the mind, widening it, so that is able to perceive higher dimensions. This sounds like a form of jnana yoga to me- working with the mind to open and expand the mind into higher degrees of truth.

Ouspensky recommends starting with trying to visualize a tesseract first- also known as a hypercube. Not just the 3d projections of a tesseract we use to represent it, which looks like a cube inside of a cube. No, you work to visualize the real thing. Or at least attempt to. If you have success with that, you can move on to visualizing a 5-cell, or a 4 dimensional triangle. And then after that you can work with visualizing a hypersphere, a 4th dimensional sphere.

Ouspensky himself worked with some pioneering work C.H. Hinton did in this field in his book The Fourth Dimension, in which he describes working with 4th dimensional objects and trying to visualize them. I got the book- it’s available free online- and started to work with this a little bit. Can’t say I’ve had much success. But I do believe my mind has expanded a little as a result of working with these visualizations.

Anyways just wanted to share as this practice intrigues me and I don’t hear anyone else talking about it. Ram Dass mentioned it briefly in one of his talks. I think he probably also got it from Ouspensky. And maybe he worked with it as well. Other than that though, I haven’t heard anyone else even mention this technique much less teach it.

Wondering if this is part of the reason why certain scientists, like Einstein, were so wise.

Visualization is helpful when you are working with teaching like dream yoga, liminal yoga and deity yoga. So I figure it can’t hurt to practice visualization like this. It can directly benefit other practices. And it may have spiritual benefit in itself.


Vital and takes practice . . . . . . .


This is such an important topic, really glad you started this thread!

I believe our visualization abilities for most is like training a muscle, the more practices, the stronger it grows/

Will post more thoughts later, got to go make the most of this spring weather and get some sun. :sunglasses: :cowboy_hat_face:


This topic is very close to my heart. Thank you for bringing it up :rose:

Sacred Geometry is something I emanate everyday - I am able to do so, because I was initiated to light language levels 1,2 and 3 twice, as well as other light language advanced principles.

So, besides visualizing it, we can also FEEL them, as Plato and ancient scholars would do. Nowadays most of us can do so :heart_eyes:

Interesting enough, yesterday I was looking at this quote from Galileo Galilei:
“Philosophy is written in a majestic book (I mean the Universe), which is constantly open to our gaze, but it can only be understood by those who first learn to comprehend its language and interpret the signs with which it is written. It is written in the language of mathematics, and its signs are triangles, circles and other geometric figures, without which a person would not be able to understand a single word in it; without them, he would have been doomed to wander in the dark through the labyrinth.” (“Assay Master”)

For creating new patterns in our life and universe (what @NightHawk999 calls “building the muscle”), visualizing is a fun part of it :heart_eyes: along with drawing, mantras / singing, mudras (soon I will start a new topic with this theme) and breathing work. With this we can also create new patterns in our dreams :heart_eyes:

@Agama you might enjoy connecting and adding to this topic :star_struck:


Disregard the dialogue of the video, and focus on the picture of the ‘cube’. Better yet, print out an image of it and try doing 5-10ming of shamatha meditation with it by letting it be the object of your awareness.

Dont want to spoil the surprise if you have not tried this yet, but it is pretty cool what happens.

Not sure if this would qualify as higher dimensional level geometry, but this would be a more advanced objest to try to visualize with eyes closed.

I think Einstein and other really smart people can visualize 5th, 6th,7th, etc, etc, etc, dimensions in their minds. I would also believe these dimensions and visualizations can be accessed in dreams, or lucid dreams, or DY.


Its been close to a decade that i tried to visualize higher dimensions, appreciate this tip on how to do it. Have to look up this cube:

Tesseract | Brilliant Math & Science Wiki.


Klein Bottle


Beloved @NightHawk999 … this is the Metatron Cube… (it’s in the cover of my book Intuitive Power - the one you have).
This is the energy of an archangel… it’s super powerful also to draw it. I would recommend that - to learn to draw it. (I was teaching this for some years).
here’s a tutorial:

before drawing it you draw the flower of life, which is the origin of all life… anything you have the intention to create, you can do so at the energetic level, by drawing a flower of life (I have drew thousands of flowers of life… also created one with stones at the property of a friend…) some researchers say that drawing it influences our DNA, upgrading it.

If you decide one day to draw it, the main recommendation is that you are aware of your breathing in every little step of it… and be prepared for magic!

also drawing the five platonic solids is a powerful experience. here’s a cool tutorial:

and here’s a brief explanation of what they are:


Kind of off topic, but simple, quick and powerful technique:


this has brought me here:


I am unfamiliar with light language. Or the concept of feeling geometric shapes. Is that similar to a synesthetic experience? I’m intrigued.

Love this. He was on to something. I think he was channeling Pythagoras here. It is interesting how sciences like physics and astronomy and mathematics parallel the mystical journey. They allow us to expand our perceptions into other realms of being. Any many of the scientists who engage in these studies seems so wise. Like Einstein or Carl Sagan. Seems to me that there is some spiritual benefit to engaging in these studies.

Like this famous video by Carl Sagan:

That kind of wisdom can only be had through spiritual practice.

One thing Ouspensky wrote that resonates with this video is how higher dimensions would appear as a time to someone living in a lower dimension. So a multicolored rotating donut intersecting a 2d plane would appear as circle which changes colors according to a set pattern. To comprehend what is really going on, you would have to travel in the direction indicated by time. That’s impossible of course, but I really like the idea that time is an imperfectly sensed dimension. To Ouspenky there are no temporal dimensions, there are only spatial dimensions imperfectly perceived.

Ooh that’s cool to hear you’ve been working with this for so long. How has it gone? Have you felt it has benefited your spiritual life?

Yes, it reminds me of the description of the angel in Ezekiel.

Thanks for the tutorial! I wanna give it a try, but not sure if I have a compass :sweat_smile:. Maybe I could find a cardboard circle and try that.

Yeah this is something I might want to explore in my dreams. If I ever get to the point where I can make experiments like that.


This is a fun short story by Robert Heinlein about the tesseract:


I completely forgot about your book cover, the artwork on it is a home run!

Will try drawing it and get back to you appreciate the video :slightly_smiling_face:

Dont know much about flower of life, found this:

““The flower of life represents the cycle of creation and the interconnectedness of all life,” Dale says. Spiritually, the symbol can be used as a focus for attaining a sense of enlightenment and the awareness of peace. “It can also be used symbolically as a pathway to seek our personal and unique purpose within the greater universe,” she adds.”

The Flower Of Life: Meanings, Symbolism & How To Work With It | mindbodygreen.

Love this!

Never done this either. Looking forward to this homework assignment. :heart_eyes:


Do you have to do it in person, or is there online access to the material?

Glad you mentioned this, I forgot that in his eyes Math and religion/spirtuality were intermingled, with one hand washing the other.

Love this!

In high school I hit the visualization practices diligently, but fell out of practice after graduation unfortunately. Time to get back on that horse.

Dont sell yourself short, you may have already done it, and just forgotten :wink:

Whatever the case, I believe you will be a very powerful dreamer, and will one day be able to do this with ease.


you can do it online yes. the whole experience I think it needs to be done LIVE in England.

yes, if it’s expanded in, for example a meditation, it can be a synesthetic experience, but in the practical life, it’s “just” communicating consciously from the intelligence of your aura, with sacred geometry.


the first time I saw this video, something in me changed forever :star_struck:

that works just as well.

cool… looking forward to that :dolphin: