Sacred Geometry

What are your thoughts and opinions on sacred geometry, in particular Metatron’s Cube? I have an idea formed of what is out on the internet but I wanted actual people from this forum’s opinion on the cube, or just sacred geometry in general.

Here is a summary I put together searching for keypoints on bing:

According to sacred geometry, Metatron’s Cube represents the blueprint of creation and symbolizes balance and harmony, illustrating how all life is connected. The 5 Platonic solids (tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron, are figures are associated with the five elements of nature: fire, earth, air, water, and the universe) are contained in the cube, which are sacred geometry shapes that are thought to be the building blocks of the Universe. These shapes form everything from the strands of your DNA to the patterns found in snowflakes.
Sacred geometry is based on symbolic and sacred meanings of certain geometric shapes and proportions. There is a belief that God created the universe according to a geometric plan, and therefore, God is considered the geometer or architect of the world. Sacred geometric shapes are an important means of spiritual growth. Sacred geometry amplifies our connection to spirit and creates harmony within ourselves and between ourselves and the outside world. It is often called “sacred architecture” because it underlies everything and is woven into the fabric of all creation


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Great post!

I do not know anything about Sacred Geometry, but looking forward to doing to research on it and reporting back.

I have heard the line “God is/was a mathematician” and I think it is very fitting.

Have you heard of the Mandlebrot Set?

So beautiful:

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I have not but I will check it out today. Thank you.

Yes, and looking into Metatron’s cube I found out it is also said God is/was a geometer.
This is the best video I was able to find on Metatron’s cube:


I am very glad you brought up this topic. If this video doesnt provide powerful evidence for a dininve ‘creator’ I dont know what does:

I did not realize the pattern could also be found in waves on the ocean, and even Spiral Galaxies themselves. That is really really mindblowing!

Have you heard of the Golden Mean or Golden Ratio before?

This is really cool depiction, showing the math, the side
lenghth of each cube, matches the squence 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc:


From sea shells to sprial galaxies to pine cones, I dont think the repeated pattern is just a mere coincidence.

Great video, will have to watch it again a few times to really grasp it fully. I liked the part about the 5 elements and their corresponding geometric shapes.


Yes. It has been mentioned and explained in a few TV shows I watch. Here is a quick summary so it is explained within the post:

The Golden Mean, or Golden Ratio, is a mathematical concept represented by the ratio of approximately 1.618. It appears in nature, art, and architecture, and is associated with beauty, balance, and proportion. It has intrigued scholars for centuries and continues to inspire creativity across different disciplines.

I think your onto something with this one :slightly_smiling_face::+1:. This past weekend I came up with a story idea I wanted to write about and I thought this was the perfect place/time to share it. Hope you enjoy.

Also, great video :sunglasses:.

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Do you know how it is calculated? I find this really fascinating, take the larger Fibonacci number and divide it by the smaller one, closest to it in the sequence:

5/3 =1.67
8/5 =1.6
13/8 =1.625

Really cool how the entire sequence begins to ‘gravitate’ toward that ratio of approximately 1.62 or 1.618


You might be interested in how the Waldorf Schools use the Fibonacci Series and the Golden Mean in Grade 7, by looking at the resources they use here.

For example:


Some more supporting evidence:


I think its one of the most beautiful equations ever discovered, would be very fascinated to know how it was first discovered. Complex, but very powerful.

what really amazes me is how many large populations follow this distrubution, and how infinitely many bell curves you can create, in all shapes and sizes.


Divine design?

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@_Barry great link!

Yall might be shocked if you do the arm to hand ratio.


Good stuff :+1:. Thanks for the posts very interesting.