Sacred Geometry

What are your thoughts and opinions on sacred geometry, in particular Metatron’s Cube? I have an idea formed of what is out on the internet but I wanted actual people from this forum’s opinion on the cube, or just sacred geometry in general.

Here is a summary I put together searching for keypoints on bing:

According to sacred geometry, Metatron’s Cube represents the blueprint of creation and symbolizes balance and harmony, illustrating how all life is connected. The 5 Platonic solids (tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron, are figures are associated with the five elements of nature: fire, earth, air, water, and the universe) are contained in the cube, which are sacred geometry shapes that are thought to be the building blocks of the Universe. These shapes form everything from the strands of your DNA to the patterns found in snowflakes.
Sacred geometry is based on symbolic and sacred meanings of certain geometric shapes and proportions. There is a belief that God created the universe according to a geometric plan, and therefore, God is considered the geometer or architect of the world. Sacred geometric shapes are an important means of spiritual growth. Sacred geometry amplifies our connection to spirit and creates harmony within ourselves and between ourselves and the outside world. It is often called “sacred architecture” because it underlies everything and is woven into the fabric of all creation


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Great post!

I do not know anything about Sacred Geometry, but looking forward to doing to research on it and reporting back.

I have heard the line “God is/was a mathematician” and I think it is very fitting.

Have you heard of the Mandlebrot Set?

So beautiful:

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I have not but I will check it out today. Thank you.

Yes, and looking into Metatron’s cube I found out it is also said God is/was a geometer.
This is the best video I was able to find on Metatron’s cube:


I am very glad you brought up this topic. If this video doesnt provide powerful evidence for a dininve ‘creator’ I dont know what does:

I did not realize the pattern could also be found in waves on the ocean, and even Spiral Galaxies themselves. That is really really mindblowing!

Have you heard of the Golden Mean or Golden Ratio before?

This is really cool depiction, showing the math, the side
lenghth of each cube, matches the squence 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc:


From sea shells to sprial galaxies to pine cones, I dont think the repeated pattern is just a mere coincidence.

Great video, will have to watch it again a few times to really grasp it fully. I liked the part about the 5 elements and their corresponding geometric shapes.


Yes. It has been mentioned and explained in a few TV shows I watch. Here is a quick summary so it is explained within the post:

The Golden Mean, or Golden Ratio, is a mathematical concept represented by the ratio of approximately 1.618. It appears in nature, art, and architecture, and is associated with beauty, balance, and proportion. It has intrigued scholars for centuries and continues to inspire creativity across different disciplines.

I think your onto something with this one :slightly_smiling_face::+1:. This past weekend I came up with a story idea I wanted to write about and I thought this was the perfect place/time to share it. Hope you enjoy.

Also, great video :sunglasses:.

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Do you know how it is calculated? I find this really fascinating, take the larger Fibonacci number and divide it by the smaller one, closest to it in the sequence:

5/3 =1.67
8/5 =1.6
13/8 =1.625

Really cool how the entire sequence begins to ‘gravitate’ toward that ratio of approximately 1.62 or 1.618


You might be interested in how the Waldorf Schools use the Fibonacci Series and the Golden Mean in Grade 7, by looking at the resources they use here.

For example:


Some more supporting evidence:


I think its one of the most beautiful equations ever discovered, would be very fascinated to know how it was first discovered. Complex, but very powerful.

what really amazes me is how many large populations follow this distrubution, and how infinitely many bell curves you can create, in all shapes and sizes.


Divine design?

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@_Barry great link!

Yall might be shocked if you do the arm to hand ratio.


Good stuff :+1:. Thanks for the posts very interesting.


Wanted to add a couple things to this post to expand the idea of what is represented within the 2d design of Metatron’s Cube.


Also before moving forward I wanted to note leaving the outside circle omitted to me represents that I believe as a human with my limited understanding I do not want to definitevly place a closed structure on Metatron’s Cube.

It is more common when working with this Cube to have the structure closed in order to assure non corruption. I have went to great lengths in my works to keep an open mind with my perception of the structure.

“When a circle is added around Metatron’s Cube, it serves to encapsulate the geometric pattern, creating a sense of unity and containment. The circle represents wholeness and completeness and can symbolize the infinite nature of the universe or the divine. This depiction emphasizes the notion that Metatron’s Cube is a complete and self-contained representation of the interconnectedness of all things.”

Also here are some 3d cad renderings of the Cube which I thought were pretty cool.


That flower of life image you posted is really fascinating.

I really like the quote about the flow of energy taking the shortest or most efficient path in these shapes, that is a really cool idea.


Oops posted before finished post - (please delete if possible)

Pretty amazing synchronicity today I wanted to share.

I have an infinity symbol overlapping a heart tattooed on my wrist in UV ink (you cannot see it unless you have a UV light).

And my mom was driving home from the gym and saw this exact design on a SUV in front of her:

This is not the synchronicity but those two characters from Winnie the Pooh had resulted in some cool analysis from AI while considering the link to the infinite love symbol (Eternal Friendship, Enduring Love and Positivity, Message of Unconditional Love, Reminder of Infinite Possibilities).

This was cool by itself but the powerful part is that I had began a conversation with my tattoo artist on May 4th (may the forth be with you :smiling_face:) to get Metatron’s Cube and the Eye of Horus tattooed.

Long story short, my mom saw the exact tatto I have now on the arm where I’m getting my tattoos and my tattoo appointment is this Friday!

I spent hours finding that exact design of a heart overlapping the infinity symbol. Really, what are the chances that exact design being seen by my mom on her way home from the gym a couple days prior to me getting Metatron’s Cube and various other tattoos I’ve been discussing with her in detail for weeks now.

Awesome synchronicity, the universe is a beautiful place when you live in harmony with it :heart:.

Wanted to spread more love :heart: :heart_eyes: :sparkling_heart:.

Below here might be considered oversharing but I didn’t want to leave anything out now that I started talking about my upcoming tattoo appointment. Feel free to skip the stuff below :blush:.

This is a naturally flowing endeavor I've found myself intertwined with for years. A flawed Metatron’s Cube.

Years ago, I tried to 3D print a balanced cube in half black, half white to symbolically show the perfect balance of yin and yang within the cube. The black side printed perfectly, but the white side broke my 3D printer (which is still broken to this day), and I was left with an incomplete outer ring. Nevertheless, I glued it together and accepted it as a sign of my imperfections. I always tried to keep it in a location where I could look at it every day to remind myself of this.

Recently, I have become very interested in the Cube and have been exploring its depths. The more I read, the more I admire the beauty of its intricacies, which is why I ultimately decided to get it tattooed (worth noting here is if my original UV tattoo didn’t heal invisibly I would not have considered getting another).

Now, my tattoo has evolved a lot since my initial email sent on May 4th. I’m an open book and wanted to share my thoughts behind my tattoo with anyone willing to read. :+1:

First is the tattoo above, representing love and infinity. These are the two things I ask to be measured on the scales.

For me personally, I believe that the pen is mightier than the sword. However, that doesn’t stop me from calling upon the beings who know how to use a sword better than a pen. The only symbolic link I chose to associate with the sword is Archangel Michael. I needed to add a sword to this design because Archangel Michael is often depicted with scales and a sword, although the scales are not always tied to him (sometimes he is just shown with a sword, sometimes a sword and shield). So in order to get the proper symbology tied into this tattoo i had to incorporate a sword.

If this had not been the case, these are the scales I would have chosen.

With the sword symbolism, Michael is definitively tied into the scales symbologically which I also like because it aligns with God’s plan through God’s Angels.

Another being’s scales included would be Ma’at, following the mythology of Anubis using the scales to weigh a being’s consciousness against Ma’at’s feather in the afterlife with Thoth, the record-keeper, by their side whom ensures fairness and balance.

Here are some other beings associated with scales:

Thmei - In ancient Egyptian mythology, Thmei is the goddess of law and order.
Taweret - In ancient Egyptian mythology, Taweret is the goddess of childbirth and protection.
Shai - In ancient Egyptian mythology, Shai is the personification of destiny and fate.
Ptah - In ancient Egyptian mythology, Ptah is a creator god associated with craftsmanship, creation, and fertility.
Foros - In Greek mythology, Foros is the personification of justice and righteousness.
Themis - In Greek mythology, Themis is the Titaness of divine law, order, and justice.
Astraea - In Greek mythology, Astraea is the goddess of justice and innocence.
Dike - Also from Greek mythology, Dike is the personification of justice and moral order.
Vidar - In Norse mythology, Vidar is a son of Odin and the god of silence, vengeance, and justice. He is often associated with the concept of cosmic justice.
Nemesis - In Greek mythology, Nemesis is the goddess of retribution and revenge
Ishtar - In Mesopotamian mythology, Ishtar is the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and war.
Tlazolteotl - In Aztec mythology, Tlazolteotl is the goddess of fertility, purification, and childbirth.
Tenjin - In Japanese Shinto mythology, Tenjin is the deity of learning, scholarship, and calligraphy
Xiwangmu - In Chinese mythology, Xiwangmu, also known as the Queen Mother of the West, is a goddess associated with immortality, longevity, and harmony. She is sometimes depicted holding scales, symbolizing her role in maintaining cosmic balance and harmony.
Forseti - In Norse mythology, Forseti is the god of justice and reconciliation.
Agni - In Hindu mythology, Agni is the god of fire and divine messenger.
Justitia - In Roman mythology, Justitia (or Lady Justice) is the personification of justice.
Varuna - In Hindu mythology, Varuna is a Vedic god associated with the cosmic order, water, and the celestial ocean.
Zadkiel - In Christian angelology and mysticism, Zadkiel is an archangel associated with forgiveness, mercy, and spiritual transformation.
Zoroaster (Zarathustra) - In Zoroastrianism, the ancient Persian religion, Zoroaster is the founder and prophet.
Hariti - In Buddhist mythology, Hariti is a goddess associated with fertility, childbirth, and the protection of children.
Mithras - In the ancient Roman cult of Mithraism, Mithras is a god associated with light, truth, and justice.
Justa - In Roman mythology, Justa is a goddess of justice and equity.
Meditrina - In Roman mythology, Meditrina is the goddess of healing and wellness.
Nemestrinus - In Roman mythology, Nemestrinus is a god associated with the woods and forests.
Mātariśvan - In Hindu mythology, Mātariśvan is a god associated with the wind and fire.
Tzadkiel - In Jewish mysticism, Tzadkiel is an archangel associated with mercy and benevolence.
Xipe Totec - In Aztec mythology, Xipe Totec is the god of spring, agriculture, and rebirth.
Eirene - In Greek mythology, Eirene is the goddess of peace and tranquility.
Veritas - In Roman mythology, Veritas is the goddess of truth.
Jibrail - In Islamic tradition, Jibrail (Gabriel) is an archangel associated with revelation and prophecy. He is sometimes depicted with scales, symbolizing his role in delivering divine messages and guiding humanity towards the path of righteousness.
Cronos - Regarding the measurement of infinity, Chronus can provide a framework for comprehending the concept.

As a Libra, I also find it fitting to also say to myself I am astrologically claiming the scales that were given to me as a birthright (silly :crazy_face:).

After the scales, I have placed Metatron’s open Cube. My thought is that there is a path through the scales to improve the Cube, albeit a very difficult one.

The next tattoo I currently have on that arm is the Eye of Ra blended with an Ankh. This representing the protection of eternal life.

My last tattoo this upcoming Friday is the same tattoo reversed (Eye of Horus)

in UV ink which will add “sunlight” to the Eye of Ra (hopefully Ra appreciates this symbolism :slightly_smiling_face:). The thought behind this is two fold. Protection of eternal life through the Eye of Horus (deflection) and protection by the Eye of Ra in the way Ra protects things.

To complete that arm, my last tattoo(already completed) is a full shoulder piece in UV ink of a very generic peace sign. This ultimately represents my goal. After this life, I’d like to ensure that I am at peace again, knowing that eternal life is protected and in good hands. The generic peace sign serves as a reminder of the harmonious and tranquil state I believe I came from and the existence I will return to.

Each tattoo on my arm tells a story, reflects my beliefs, and represents the various forces that weave an intricate tapestry of symbolism and personal meaning for me.

In the end, my tattoos are not just ink to me, they are a manifestation of my inner world, a reflection of my beliefs. They remind me to navigate life with integrity, seek harmony amidst chaos, and strive for eternal peace.


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Glad you shared this :slightly_smiling_face:

Very cool tattoos, great mimds think a like, I have a deep appreciation for the infinity symbol.

Have you head of an Analemma?:

Like the imperfect yin yang cube you printed out, an Analemma is like an perfectly imperfect infinity symbol. Very fitting symbol for the sun which is almost immortal, eternal, and in a continuous cycle.

Are you a September or October Libra? Do you know your moon sign?

Scales are definitely a very fitting tattoo.

I did notmeven know they had invisible tattoos like that, really awesome and beautiful.

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Very cool photo. Nope I wasn’t aware of Analemma, from what I read quickly it seems like it would be a good thing to be aware of for navigation or to predict the changes in season.

I am a September Libra. Not sure of my moon sign but after looking into it, I am a Gemini moon sign. Interesting, didn’t even know there was a sun and moon sign in astrology. Will have to ask my wife that one because she is into horoscope and stuff. :blush:

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Its the anual path the sun traces in the sky, based off of the 365 summation of the high points of the sun on each day. Tough to expalin. Basically the sun tomorrow will be at the highest point of the analemma in the picture, 6 months from now, the sun will be much lower in the sky, and at noon that day will appear as the base, or point closesest to the horizen of the a

The Moon, and the planets are extremely important. Your sun sign only decpicts a fraction of the picture:

If you are interested in Shadow work, Astrology helped me with it tremenously, becuase it sheds light the good, bad, and ugly of the ego.

Cosmic prejudice, take it with a huge grain of salt, not 100% accurate, but rhis site is the best one I have found to give a snapshot of a personalities broad strokes. Curious to know if it is fitting or way off?

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