Mudras - Medicine Hands

I start with the KUBERA MUDRA…

and a quote by Dr. Carl Jung:

“Reality is that which works in a human soul and not that which certain people assume to be operative, and about which prejudiced generalizations are wont to be made”.

I will be sharing about other Mudras along the next weeks /months and about the magic in our hands in the next posts. But for now, I have a wonderful sharing…

One of the most incredible super lucid dreams I’ve experienced happened two weeks ago. When I woke up after the first three sleep cycles, I felt hungry. There was no reason for that sensation, and I had the idea to do a Mudra I’ve been practicing since 2012. In this period I discovered that when, for example, I wake up in the morning hungry and want to stay in bed a little longer, when I do the Kuber Mudra, that sensation disappears. I also use it for example when I’m in a queue “waiting” for something, or after I order my food in a restaurant.

This Sacred Mudra is excellent for manifesting things in a conscious serene way, and it is called «The Mudra of Wealth». Kubera refers to the qualities represented by the lord of “wealth, wisdom and the remover of obstacles”, allowing you to unfold your fullest potential.

I also learned from the Portuguese author Atul Mulji that it is excellent for making decisions with material repercussions, creating peace of mind and self-confidence.

How I practice it:

With both hands, curl all of my fingers into the centers of my palms. From there, I extend the pointer and middle fingers to touch thumb tips;

Combine it with deep breaths and either saying an affirmation for dreaming lucid, or a theme I might want to explore. This leads me to sleep in a very harmonious way. I usually embrace myself in a relaxed fetal position, doing the Mudra with both hands, comforting me in such a way that I can be meditating in bed half an hour like this, always aware of my breathing, until going back to sleep.

In this past week, in four days, unexpectedly, four lucid dreams occurred (two in one night). The last one I woke up after four sleep cycles, and was even thinking of working in the early morning, but nothing was flowing so I went back to bed. A few days before, I researched to find that there’s an affirmation associated with this Mudra: “My Inner Golden Light Sparkles, Opening Me to My Potential.” With no expectation at all (I was just curious), I did a variation of it, saying to myself several times “I am a bright, radiant light open to living my full potential”, while doing the Kubera Mudra and breathing deeply until falling asleep. Unexpectedly, I had the longest lucid dream ever in my life (until now) where I was shown previous lives – in one of them I was a dolphin, bringing me deep understanding of, for example, why I feel so well in water. This lucid dream that contained several dreams inside of it, looked like a buffet of lucid dreaming experiences. In one of them, have a strong impression I was astral traveling because there was no body, but it wasn’t a void like other times. And for the first time ever, there are even parts I don’t remember because it was so full and LONG. I feel that I have discovered the wheel! Hihihi

It’s so interesting because I didn’t plan any of this. All I wanted was a good night sleep…

Perhaps you will enjoy this practice, not just for lucid dreaming - for really wonderful things happening also in the reality on planet earth. I will continue sharing, studying, experimenting with it and other Mudras. If you do too, please share here.

A special thank you to @Bianca_Aga… you were part of the inspirational flame of this initiative. And of course… @NightHawk999… it was you who suggested me to post about Mudras, originating all these events, clarity and focus. Thaaaaaank yoooou for that, our amazing friendship and all the love/devotion you share/ contribute here at NCC, also for being a bridge between me and Andrew sometimes, and with other people.

Thank you all of you who are part of this Community I LOVE.
@SahasraraIm do you know/practice this mudra?


“Be aware that your hands are like antennas: they have the ability to capture energy currents from space and are also capable of projecting currents. But, to achieve that one day, your hands only attract and project beneficial currents, You must begin by being very attentive to all the gestures you make in daily life, as each gesture, however insignificant it may be, produces a vibration. Whatever your task, strive to carry it out with well-measured, harmonious gestures, knowing that you are putting into action forces and elements that allow you to transpose this activity to the spiritual plane and thus reach the higher degrees of life. True spirituality consists of using whatever work it is to tune your thoughts, your feelings and your gestures with cosmic harmony. Each gesture that you imbue with a divine idea is inscribed in the archives of your superior consciousness, from where all beneficial energies will flow: love, hope, joy…”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


This video is a pearl…

our hands are indeed magical…


Just found Andrew giving an excellent context for this topic and exemplifying @ minute 2:50, with one of my favorite Mudras - the Anjali Mudra:

thank you @Bianca_Aga for having shared this with us @ 💤 Deeper Messages In Dreams - #24 by Bianca_Aga :heart_eyes:


Thank you for posting this! I’ve been meaning to explore mudras more and actually made an intention to learn more about them. But I forgot about. Your post reminded me. I will try the mudra you recommended.


great! let me know how it goes :heart_eyes: :pray:t3: :rose:


OMG you are so amazing! :star_struck:

I have never heard of this mudra before. Following your instructions, that is when I could feel a very, very subtle but powerful sensation. I am very excited to put this practice to work and get back to you with the results.

Love these affirmations

I am in awe of this!

Its incredible to hear peoples powerful dream experiences and beyond, especially when there was a behavior that precipitated the experience. Thank you for this great motivation and sharing this. :dolphin: Love the pic of you in black with stars, you look divine, like the embodiment of the cosmos :star_struck::sparkles: :dizzy: :star2: :sparkles: :star: :star2: :sparkles: :dizzy: :star_struck:

Thank you my beloved friend, your energy, spirit and love are so inspiring and contagious! This community is very lucky and blessed to have you be a part of it. :heart_decoration: :heart: :heart_decoration:

AMEN! The power of this Sangha never ceases to amaze me. :star_struck:


yuhuuuuuuu! :dolphin:

as Andrew suggests, create your own from your heart :heart_eyes:

thank yoooooou :pray:t3: :rose: :dolphin:

:dolphin: :dolphin: :pray:t3: :pray:t3: :pray:t3: :dolphin: :dolphin:


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Just tried it during a samatha meditation. I started off the session with a brief Om Gan Ganapatiye kirtan. Ganesha is also a remover of obstacles. I felt the devotion to Ganesha and use of the mudra would mesh nicely. Well, then I made the mantra and did the practice. I experienced some inner heat during my meditation. By the end of the session my forehead had some sweat on it, even though it’s a little cold in my house right now!

Pretty positive for a first time experience in my book. Will continue to experiment with the mudra and share any results. Thanks again for recommending it :pray:



I also experience extra heat.

raising the flux in that area is the pre frontal cortex :star_struck: this is perhaps why it induces lucid dreams

yes! :dolphin:

so welcome. it’s great to receive feedback on this and to know that you are indeed practicing it. :rose:


Hand ok sign in yoga mudra isolated Dhyana-Mudra sketch. Vector okay hand gesture, Buddhism mark - 144289663

This is the mudra I used when I first started meditating (and still use it often today)

Another one I like is to put my palms on the ground. No one taught me this, just have long arms, and like to think this helps me connect to the earth


this one sometimes just pops up naturally in me :dolphin:
I also love putting the palms of my hands (and feet) on the ground.
I worked as a therapist once in a mansion in the center of Lisbon (with beautiful incredible gardens) and there were other therapists with the most advanced tools - one of them was a device to balance your positive and negative energies, worth several thousands of euros. I asked her what the machine was doing and she replied “it has the same effect of being barefoot in nature for ten minutes…” and we laughed together!.. hihihi


Jnana Mudra


Jnana Mudra


LOL :sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl:

In every Industry, one must watch out for snake oil salesmen :snake:


the device worked very well… the thing is that it wasn’t really needed… like many other things that people use when they only need nature and contact with the sun and the stars :heart_eyes:


Today I did a combination of several things:

Saying out loud in the last evening walk with Solimar, looking at the stars “Why am I such a radiant, bright light, open to living my full potential?” this was inspired by this video:

I woke up spontaneously after three sleep cycles and did the Kubera Mudra to go back to sleep – took around half an hour, so I was saying the first referred sentence/question and after “I am a Dream Warrioress, I keep conscious and lucid in my dreams”. I also remembered, already very much in the hypnagogic state to emanate light language (sacred geometry) – it was the first time I did it, I think I will be doing it more.

Woke up after another sleep cycle and wrote down my dreams, somehow knowing that they were so “clean” and bright, that I remembered to put the intention when writing them, to remember them in a possible lucid dream and saying them out loud for strengthening the lucidity (I learned this here with one of NCC members). I did the Kubera Mudra the whole time because at one point I wanted to let it go and felt hungry, so I went back to it and the affirmations + light language.

And so, it happened. I became lucid feeling my body like never before (when I woke up, I touched my physical body to feel it and the feeling of it was more intense in the lucid dream!), talked out loud the previous dream and experienced one of the most realistic lucid dreams ever. I was talking with my father and it was just as real as talking with him. When I woke up, I felt “uuuuaaaauuu… one day, in case he dies first than me (we never know) I will be able to keep contact with him”. I asked him a question from my soul and he answered it from his soul… this was also DEEPLY healing for me.

I woke up, went for the first walk of the day with Solimar and when I came back shared the lucid dream with my father, after hearing him about his incredible dream adventures…… and he was amazed to hear mine, especially because I mentioned that it was as real as talking with him as I was talking in that moment. He said “You are in witchcraft…” hihihi I said to him, “If I’m a witch, you are a wizard!”, to what he replied “no… I have a very big intuition… I see things before they happen” with a big smile on his face.

@Agama here you find all the details :heart_eyes: