Test of steadfast love

As a new member here I thought I’d share a relatively recent dream as I would love to hear insights and also connect with a few more people.

…My awareness entered the dream when I was working with a group of individuals cleaning graffiti in an underground car park. I thought, “this is a weird job to be doing”, and that sparked the lucidity…

I decided i didn’t want to affect the scene at all and decided to remain “undercover” to all the other dream characters, simply to see what would unfold.

One of the dream characters announced it was lunchtime, so we all stopped work and went up to the street level to visit a restaurant. As we entered, there was a long table in one of the corners and one of the dream characters told me i was to sit in the corner chair. The waitress made her way around the table, taking everyone’s orders, and when she finally got to me i had decided i had enough of the strange games that were being played and announced to them (in a rather animated way) that they were all dream characters.
One of them asked me, “how I was so sure”? So i went through a process of pointing out the incongruencies of each person at the table.

The people i was sitting with were now doing the usual ‘schism’ thing once being told they are simply mind, and i decided I had had enough of the restaurant setting. I stood up to leave, however, as i came close to the door, a group of around 5-6 "matrix-film looking’ (dressed in black and kind of militant) people blocked my path in a semi-circle kind of order. They all appeared rather malicious and I noticed I felt uneasy, so I placed my awareness into my heart and relaxed and listened.

The person right in front of me had some device and said something about how she was taking all the information that has ever existed in my spirit. I stood there in my heart, but then for the first time, this steadfast seat of love and awareness, that in all of my past has been impenetrable, broke. Actually, smashed into pieces. I flipped so fast out of love and dived directly into ultimate fear with what was going on.
so much fear in fact, that i quickly dissolved/melted my body into a liquid and then escaped through the cracks in the floor…

  • and then woke up.

Anyone have any individual symbology, mythopoetic thoughts, or perceptions of the dream yoga lense they feel to share.

I guess the part that shocked me was the failing security of my heart space in the scary situation that i have for a long time relied on. Since seeing it crumble, the way that trust does when its been broken, i now know it as a possibility to, and hence in my mind it has lost its unshakable dependency



Not knowing much about you or your Dharma/yoga practices, perhaps that’s going to lead you to an even deeper unshakable dependency.

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Let’s see what unfolds!

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What comes up while reading your dream sharing:
I find the point particuarly interesting regarding the felt “failing security” of your heart space… and that in your mind “it has lost its unshakable dependency…”

As a beginner student of dzogchen I have had times where I struggled with the practice, unconsciously trying to find - or fabricate - the primordial, unfabricated bliss of the nature of the mind, specifically associated to the open heart space…

I spent many hour-long meditation sessions with mental blockages trying to connect to the loving, blissful, quiet quality of the heart space… and failing.

I remember the one session in which after about an hour of unconsciously trying … I just gave up.
And … bam! … blissful, clear equanimity arose in the heart space by itself. Unfabricated. Outside of my mental control.

From my beginner’s understanding of dzogchen teachings, it is that unfabricated, primordial sutble quality of the heart space that is truly indistructable.
It is my understanding that it is meditation practice to connect and connect again to that unfabricated, secure-within state, within the space of the open heart, from which any and all dream or daytime visions can be hosted.
Continuous practice of reconnecting to that subtly ever-present state will strengthen security and trust.

If you are a pracitioner of dzogchen, perhaps you might consider strengthening that connection to that unfabricated state of heart. That state is primodial and indestructable.

Regarding the “power” of the scary dream images:
So called “visions” such as dream images cannot hurt your true self.
As a dzogchen saying goes: “A rainbow cannot hurt a rainbow”.


Ah beautiful insights. Yes with this reflection I see my mind in the heart space, not simply heart space existing unimpeded with expectations.
Thanks for your sharing Khyungmar :pray:
Wondering if love will arrive again for sure is not the way to allow its natural blossoming…


Perhaps like the opal beneath the earth, it is already there, maybe only covered by a layer of noise?


I have not read any of the other posts, because I did not want them to bias my initial response. Appreciate you sharing, some things to consisted

I see you posted on May 4th, I am very curious to when exactly the dream happened, and if it happened within 72 hours of the new moon?

April 30 (Saturday) =New Moon

This is a big deal because it was also a Partial Solar Eclipse

Which means the alignment was almost perfect!

This effect can make dreams much deeper when they occur within 72 hours of it.

The fact that your ‘diamond’ rock solid heart shattered, and it caused you to turn into a liquid and you fled/were sucked, (by gravity into the floor) is very interesting, the moon and sun are notorious for their tidal forces, and that effect is most dramatically visible in its effect on liquids (its effects on solids and gases is much more subtle). When you sleep during the nights of the week of a new moon, the sun and moon are around 180 degrees, aka on the other side of the world. So you have earths gravity pulling you down into your bed, but also, the moon and the sun’s.

Have you heard of the Diamond Cutter Sūtra?

I’m no expert but my interpretation of that Sūtra is that the truth it holds is so powerful it can cut through the toughest and hardest objects in reality, including ‘reality’ itself…

“Past mind is ungraspable,

Present mind is ungraspable,

And future mind is ungraspable.”

Very deep insight, if the true nature of reality (= mind) is ungraspable, what are you doing clinging to it ( your heart) so tightly?

You so quickly were able to question the nature of the dream

and it schizemed,

Then the dream returned the favor,

And you shattered

and melted.


How ironic!

I think there is a profound teaching in the subtext:

The choice of the word STEADFAST is really illuminating.

I would LOVE to be able to ask the Buddha:

“How many things in this universe are truly Steadfast?”

If that’s too religious, I think most scientists will tell you the only (Steadfast) constant in this universe is change.

I heard Andrew say in one of his videos something like:

“ the amount we suffer is directly related to how tightly we cling to a thing/reality/mind”

The power of heart is remarkably potent, but, perhaps it was the wrong tool to CLING to in this circumstance.

How do you know that you were not communicating with something higher or the Source of all information ( God =the universe = the Matrix =Infinite information) many names, one core idea:

That ‘entity’ sees all, hears all, feels all, etc etc… it steals ALL information into itself

(Sounds a lot like big Tech, let’s assume they are not the ones you have beef with here :wink:

I am a novice in this field, and a new but very avid student of Andrews work, and it shocks me that when presented with fear, you did the opposite of his teachings!

Fear is never something you run away from in a dream. You run towards it and confront it!

How did Hercules defeat the Hydra?

What a perfect opportunity for COMPASSION,

if these agents are the gate keepers of all your information (and possibly the universes), why not project your consciousness into them, giving you access to what they know (potentially EVERYTHING).

They symbolism of Matrix Agents in business suits is really fascinating when juxtaposed with the emotions you felt:

Cold, calculating, detached, emotionless Artificial intelligence


two of the strongest Emotions known to humanity (Fear and Love.)

Maybe a better response to the Fear was not to approach it with Love,

but instead with compassion (an EMPTINESS of mind)?

That way you could understand where their ‘hostility’ or perceived hostility was coming from?

Perhaps Their ‘hostility’ was/is really Your Hostility?

This is your mind where they appeared, hostility is still perhaps a part of you (as with everyone else on this planet), and it may be a SHADOW that your awareness has not fully illuminated yet. If this is the case that ‘pure’ Steadfast Love from your heart may have been tainted, which will always inevitably cause it to shatter.

I can not project my consciousness into dream characters yet, so I am ignorant of its effects.

A Second solution, perhaps even better than that, would have been to compassionately ask questions. Not hostilely or fearfully interrogate, but asking from a place of emptiness (openness, compassion, awe, and curiosity)

What lesson are you here to teach me?

Who are you?

How can you steal all my information?

Can I see what you see?

Why did you appear when I questioned the reality of the dream characters?

Why are you blocking my path?

What is your endgame?


Sometimes approaching situations with a mind that is FULL (full of fear or full of love/heart), will prevent the mind from being filled with anything else (information).

If Emptiness is everything,

Then perhaps it’s the solution to this riddle :slight_smile:

Asking the 5 Ws + H (who, what, where, why, when, How, etc) in any circumstance, empties the mind, in a way, deleting the clutter, because with each question you are challenging and killing off your inherent preconceptions and projections, which clears away space for the truth to enter.

The best communicators question, and then deeply listen.

I think your soul maybe was trying to communicate with you, but you treated it the same way you treated the initial dream characters that ‘schizemed’, you assumed you knew who/what they were.

If that is the case, it’s a very powerful lesson.

I am sorry for the lengthy post, and if it is way off I apologize.

I am new, and this is my first post on here. I have not been able to achieve lucidity on demand. I have only become lucid 5 times in my life, and each one was on accident, and when it occurred, the dreams deteriorated rapidly. I am very ignorant, so please take all the above that I wrote with a huge grain of salt. I hope it helps though, and I am very grateful for this community and the wealth of knowledge here.


Hey nighthawk,

Thanks for this wonderful insight. I love every perspective you offer here!

It was a few weeks ago but not sure of date or moon phase, even though I do usually enjoy enjoy tracking it.

This one rings true…
“ the amount we suffer is directly related to how tightly we cling to a thing/reality/mind”

Never contemplated that.
Nor have I contemplated the difference between (unconditional) love and compassion.

I felt this at the time at a testing (my mind testing itself?) of how long I could remain in my heart center. And within that not being aware of the unconditional love I can place on my own fear. Instead running away from my own fear.
Typically I am good at running directly and conciously into “nightmares”. I guess the subconscious loved to mess with me as I intentionally messed it it earlier in the dream scenes as you point out… Haha

You have planted many seeds for thought
Many thanks!


If you have not checked out Andrews Webinar videos on here I highly reccomend them, this is one of my favorites of his:

it is my understanding that there is No Heart center in the dream world, because there is literally no dream body, it is imagined, or conditioned into the subconscious. We may be not be thinking of the same thing though, so not sure the wording or the concept that we do not see parallel on.

There is only truly awareness in the dream, everything else is manifested from the subconscious, and if you become lucid, from your conscious awareness.

Can you remember the exact night that it happened, what the date was?
I am very curious to know.
Do you keep a dream journal? I believe it is rmonumentally important, and in addition to that, I like to keep track of the meteorological record daily, and of the moon. You may find that low pressure of high pressure systems affect your dreams, precipitation, as well as certain moon phases. I sleep much deeper during the days of a new moon, and I am much more energized and restless during the days of a full moon. I believe these things translate into the dream realm, even if its effects are subtle.

Appreciate you sharing, that was a very cool dream

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Yeah I find long deep sleeps during the illuminated moon quite difficult, especially when sleeping outside. Often though I welcome it as the frequent waking up allows for better dream recall and higher lucidity chances.

I am new to Andrews work also and dream yoga in general. I stumbled upon it and found I resonated with the deeper practice it offers, as goes beyond the usual, “learn how to fly” lucid dreaming teachings…

So I’m pretty unaware of the depth the teachings go, and in regards to the heart space I’m not sure what he says. I will definitely check out the webinar you shared when I get home (am on holidays in kakadu national Park at the moment) :blush::+1:

When I refer to being in the heart space, what i am meaning is it being the ‘seat of my awareness’ , and not my head. As if to be seeing from the heart, with my eyes almost in my chest.

I have had incredibly profound experiences placing my perspective from this place. Amazing connectivity and radiating love. Which astoundingly once remained seated there after waking up. I was deeply in love with my sheets and mosquito net. And later contemplations had me wondering how unproductive it might be in the modern world to be deeply in love with all objects, animate and inanimate :joy:

I recently was listening to vigyan bhairav tantra text which said the place of awakening occurs in the navel. Not the heart or mind (intellectual brain perhaps they were referring to), as these two center’s need to be developed. Whereas the navel just needs to be uncovered…

I tried this a few days ago. I believe it was 1 or two days before that lunar eclipse…

I was in the dream driving in the night for work. I then realised I was in fact sleeping in kakadu, and on holidays, definitely not at work…

I decided instead of driving up the hill on the road, I was going to drive straight into the mountain.

I did so and just found myself floating in darkness. I placed my awareness down deep in my navel, but do not recall any shift in energy or perception.

I am however really excited to continue this practice of observing reality from this place.

Thanks heaps for sparking great questions and inquiries as we deepen into the mystery


I agree. the dreams can be especially vivid

He has a wealth of knowledge in the webinars and the book club readings. You will not be disappointed.

Ah yes, this is where I got confused with the wording. I cant speak much to that technique, other than I know it is very powerful.

That is awesome, enjoy Gods country! I sleep the deepest when I am out in nature. Hopefully you get lots of lucid dreams

For sure, looking forward to what you think of the material on here. I just found this site less than a month ago, and feel like I found a buried treasure.


Just hiding in plain sight



“when the student is ready, the teacher(s) appear…”