A hello from a dreamy one

Hi there, from the southeastern countryside of Sweden. Glad to have found this community and excited to explore the world of dreaming more. I am a nurse, aswell as a writer, and painter who had some dreamy experiences in life, that later in some strange ways turned out to happen. Mostly I dreamt or had my visions when awake, it seems to me I sleep really deep, and only rarely recall my minds activity at night. Though lately I have remembered a few dreams and, it is my hope to do so more and more as I study and focus on this topic, inspired and learning more within this community. I have attended a few calls with Andrew that has given me a lot, and I am so grateful to be given opportunity to learn more from Andrew and others who studied and has knowledge in the topics of dream yoga. I love exploring spirituality, mind and consciousness aswell as creativity, intuition and nature. Love hiking and gardening and spending time within the stillness of nature.


Welcome! Dreamy is a good way to be on this site. Hope you and attend the Webinar this afternoon (in the USA) or the Lucid Dreaming Summit, starting later today (from GB). This is a great time to be focusing on the world of dreaming.


Wonderful to meet you @carinanotivoli and welcome to Night Club! :wave:

I’m @AndyK one of the moderators here. Feel free to tag (@) me if you have any Night Club related questions. I’m happy to help.

I look forward to seeing you around the 'Club! :slight_smile: