A Nighttime Visit to the NightClub

I now dream regularly and get hit over the head with dream signs every night it seems. So, even when my hand changes I can remain reified. A few nights ago I found myself dreaming I was in LA where I ended up in a Night Club with someone else. Didn’t catch the obvious. He went off with a woman and I eventually left to catch a bus. I was standing outside with a few Hispanic ladies who asked me if I spoke Spanish to which I replied “asi-asi (so-so).” A bus came by and I went to pay with two and a half slices of bread (didn’t wake up), and the driver wouldn’t let me on. Not enough dough? The women told me that was my bus and I missed it, so I woke up. I just finished an “Opening the Lotus” retreat with Charlie Morley last week so I’ve been more purposeful with my nocturnal practices.

Yesterday, we went to a White Tara Empowerment Service with Garchen Rimpoche and it was amazing. This was in Boston and well attended by lay people, students, other Rimpoches and many from other schools of Tibetan Buddhism. After The White Tower Empowerment I went out to put some things in my car when it started to hail. Big time. It rarely, if ever hails in Boston—or so I’m told. Several of the folks there said this was not so unusual when The Rimpoche does this special empowerment service, but who knows? I did have my first fully lucid dream last night where I was not only lucid but able to determine my actions, so maybe getting hit with hail loosed up some of my reification resistance.

Andrew will be here in Massachusetts in a couple of weeks for a retreat so I know that learning and practicing more with him will keep my aspiration batteries charged.


Hey Barry

Would love to hear what you thought about Charlie Morley’s retreat. I live in the UK And his name crops up ever time I look into retreats over here. Would you recommend it to an intermediate?


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I highly recommend Charlie’s retreats. He focuses on “shadow work,” as described in his book Dreaming Through Darkness. (added) The one week retreat I attended is based on the text and was full of Dream Yoga practices and activities. Some activities gave us in tears of joy and he brought an excellent spiritual energy to his teaching. I’m hoping my daughter can attend his retreat in the US this summer.

As an intermediate you might consider a one day talk or a retreat such as, SCOTLAND LUCID DREAMING IMMERSIVE RETREAT, June 17th-21st, Purelands Retreat, Samye Ling Monastery
Email [dreamyoga@live.com for booking info. His approach is one through an open heart. He has done a lot of work with troubled folks such as veterans with PTSD, which is an interest of mine as well. You can check him out online but he is visible enough in the UK that you can see him for yourself. Also, check out Andrew’s interview with Charlie early last year on this site.

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Oh wow, sounds great. Glad you had such a good experience and hope your daughter gets to go to one too.

Thanks for all the links, very helpful. Looks like his Scotland retreat is sold out but I I’ll look for future ones.

I’ll listen to the interview now. Cheers again :slight_smile: