A return to lucid dreaming

Excellent text. Thank’s for posting.

Rule of thumb: The fault is in the sufferer.


No lucid dream here (yet), but as shared in the lucid dream workshop with the beautiful lady (forgot her name) I had a dream with a monster and remembered that in a dream I can fly, so I flew up to the ceiling, watch the monster from there knowing it could not get me and then…yeah… :crazy_face: I woke up. The funny thing is that I was not lucid but still knew that in a dream I can fly - hm, semi-lucid, or what?! Slowly getting there, I guess.


This is so awesome!

Yes Awareness is beginning to seep into the dream world if you remembered you were able to fly.

Sounds like things are heating up!


yes yes. this energy that made you fly is the same energy of becoming lucid! well done beloved :slight_smile: one thing that can help is registering dream signs on your dream diary. in this way, you strengthen this filter of recogning what a dream is :wink:


My recent message to a friend:

So, an epiphany of sorts today. It’s taken me a while to get here, yeah. I think my progress is hindered by being too focused on “lucid dreaming” as a means to transform my present moment experience, as opposed to just becoming the best person I can be in any particular moment, waking or dreaming. I think the emphasis should be on creating a bright, vivid, lucid awareness so that I may help others that I meet and also learn from them, regardless of the state that I’m in. I know this has been your approach for a long time. But I’ve had some sort of resistance to this. A holdover from my original reasons for getting into lucid dreaming, stemming from discontent with the waking present moment I was living in most days.

I keep coming back to your statement that you made the most progress once you “stopped trying to have lucid dreams,” and I think I see the wisdom in this statement now.

These are the sorts of things that one must decide for oneself. That’s the strongest sort of teaching, I think.

I’ve long had the theory that one should hold a unified approach to conscious experience, and strive to be the same way, waking or dreaming. This leads to IMO a much smoother progression along the path, as there is no cognitive dissonance creating subconscious stress and/or anxiety.

I think my lack of lucidity in dreams (not the frequency and strength of experiences I’ve been craving) is due to my deeper self knowing that my conscious desires are not the right way for me. I think I should listen to this message. I have a very strong sense of this today.

Just wanted to share.


A wise observation and a good daily starting place . . .


So I’ve been struggling and waffling around this decision I made a few months back, to eliminate some life-long very bad habits. I had made this promise to myself at the beginning of this return to lucid dreaming practice, and I found that after the initial start-up period, the lucids started to occur.

Then I relapsed for a while back into old behavior, and the lucids dried up by quite a bit during this period.

A couple days ago, I decided once more to just go cold turkey. I’ve had enough, I wanted to be free of this burden. I was very depressed for a day, thinking I was losing “an old friend” and “a comfort.” I then had a very strong relapse, with the weaker part of me asserting “this is who I am! I am OK with this! I will revel in it!”.

It’s been a real battle. I can feel it raging, between the weaker me, the ego, and the “higher” self who knows what’s right.

Then I renewed my decision yesterday, very firmly, really deciding to get my life on track, throwing away the things related to this habit, and this night I had not one but two of my best lucid dreams of the year: clear, long, enjoyable, peaceful, funny, just me interacting with people in interesting/odd sorts of places, exactly of the sort I want to have: to meet, interact, help, and learn from other beings, who are also residing in the dream space and other dimensions.

I couldn’t ask for a clearer sign.

I can’t say the tables won’t tilt every again in the ego’s favor, it’s happened before after periods of abstinence. It’s very strong after all. But I can hope, and this sort of a sign is very helpful and hopeful, showing that light is far, far more attractive than darkness.



yes. it takes strength, discipline and a lot of work… but once we’re on track… it’s just amazing!


Amen Sister! Very wise advice.

I would also add the daily Thought Patterns and Heart Quality you promote in everyday life is a huge factor in overall wellbeing


If you are open to sharing, very curious which habits you chose to eradicate?

I think this is a sign from God that you made the right decision

Also a sign from God.

The devil and ego love to play these ‘Mental Gymnastics’, to justify behaviors that poison the heart and spirit.

AMEN Brother, loved reading this! I dont think these 3 big signs were just coincidences!!!

Well done my friend!

If you are interested in sharing these 2 dreams, I would really love to hear them



Thank you for your comments! I really appreciate the support here :).

The details of the habits are something I’m not comfortable discussing in an online setting.

I’ll PM your the dreams, so as not to clog up space here :).


Today’s “Rigpa glimpse of the day” is very apropos the recent discussion!

Two people have been living in you all your life. One is the ego, garrulous, demanding, hysterical, calculating; the other is the hidden spiritual being, whose still voice of wisdom you have only rarely heard or attended to. As you listen more and more to the teachings, contemplate them, and integrate them into your life, your inner voice, your innate wisdom of discernment, what we call in Buddhism “discriminating awareness,” is awakened and strengthened, and you begin to distinguish between its guidance and the various clamorous and enthralling voices of ego. The memory of your real nature, with all its splendor and confidence, begins to return to you.

You will find, in fact, that you have uncovered in yourself your own wise guide, and as the voice of your wise guide, or discriminating awareness, grows stronger and clearer, you will start to distinguish between its truth and the various deceptions of the ego, and you will be able to listen to it with discernment and confidence.


Another fabulous “Rigpa glimpse of the day”

The root of all phenomena is your mind.
If unexamined, it rushes after experiences, ingenious in the games of deception.
If you look right into it, it is free of any ground or origin,
In essence free of any coming, staying or going.



Two fun lucid dreams today! A very interesting night. I’ll recount some of the details here.

Bedtime 22:30, a bit on the early side for us. It’s pretty hot where we are, and sleeping is generally uncomfortable. I often remove all covers for long portions of the night. Wake up at 02:30 with the hypnopompic phrase sticking in my mind (I latched on to it so I could remember it since it seemed so random and odd): “Machetes – nobody can use them except $1 people from the bargain store”. :slight_smile: No other recall was on my mind and no sense of having dreamed, a I was slightly disappointed about that.

I have no drowsiness on hand, it’s hot, basic relaxation techs don’t seem to be going anywhere, so I just decide to sit up on the edge of the bed, scoot towards the foot of it to give my pillows and the mattress a chance to cool off. I usually create a considerable “hot spot” when I sleep and after about 4-5 hours it can be hard to get back to sleep because of that. At least I’ll get some points for doing a WBTB (DV is finishing up it’s “Summer Lucid Dreaming competition 2024”, I usually participate, since it gives some motivation to do things like WBTB, day work, meditation, recall dreams, have lucid dreams, perform dream control in lucid dreams, etc.). I feel very much at peace. I have visualized a triumvirate of me, @BlessingsDeers and @NightHawk999 having a virtual “group dream hug” via the astral/dream plane, imparting wisdom and energy to each other, it is relaxing and peaceful.

I think about getting up and going for a walk outside, sunrise is at 04:00 now, but I don’t want to get the dogs all riled up as my wife is still sleeping, and they take any “start of the day” signal as a sign that it’s time to jump on the bed and get things going. Luckily, the younger dog doesn’t react to my sitting quietly on the edge of the bed. It was also way too early for his alarm to be going off, so I was thankful for that.

Then I think: hmm. OK. If I’m totally fine and OK with just getting up for the day, why not take that 8mg of galantamine and 600mg of AlphaGPC that’s been sitting in a pill cup at my bedside for months, waiting for me to work up the courage to risk a night of insomnia in return for increased chances at lucidity? I still have about 4-4.5 hours to fall asleep and hopefully have some lucid dreams. So I do this. I cough a bit when the water hits my throat in that “bad” way like before you close your windpipe, suppress the cough with a pillow, but the dog’s head still shoots up and he gets active, I tell him “no…sleep…sleep” and he calms down. At about 04:00 I lie back down and work on relaxation.

I expect crazy hypnogogia to kick in any second, but nothing really magic happens. I engage all of my industrial strength relaxation for sleep techniques. Breath synchronized relaxed exhale counting combined with “I’m dreaming…” is not going anywhere. So I just go for the maximum relaxation I can muster: let everything go, all striving, all expectation, everything, just let it all go on each exhale. (edit: I also spent a bit of time visualizing the throat chakra and accessing deep inner peace)

Eventually I sleep. There is a non-lucid dream which finished with the observation of some strange phenomena through a window looking outside, and I think “hey that’s dream-like” but nothing more. Then another non-lucid scenario. Then I’m sitting on the edge of my bed listening to the rain hitting the roof and side of the house, I’m looking at some sort of magazine, and I see that I am wearing a large watch [I don’t wear a watch in waking] displaying a portion of the magazine on the watch’s face. Hmm, that’s odd, I think. Better do a nose pinch. I feel a bit silly doing it because I’m so obviously awake, but here goes…HEY whaddaya know, I’m dreaming! So I get up and move around the house, and meet my 1st [deceased] wife, I very warmly greet her but she’s very stern with me and has come with a very important message for me from heaven. My current wife [not really her] enters the room in a crazy outfit, I decide, hey, why not introduce these two? I never have before… I ask the current “wife” what her name is, she answers accurately, but that’s that. She leaves, and I decided I wanted to talk to her (current wife) some more, but she quickly drives away, and I fly after her at high speed, but can’t catch her, and end up flying after some other groups of people in convertibles, I want to return to the house to eat something or do more dream control for more competition points, but I wake up.

I record highlights of the dream on paper and note thte time: it’s about 06:00 or 06:30. Time left for more dreaming, back to sleep.

I don’t remember the beginning of the dream or how I got lucid but there I am in a house again with a room full of kids and cluttered with furniture, TVs, bric-a-brac of all kinds. I chat with the kids for a bit then decide to get some points, and transform all of them into cats (I’ve never attempted that before). They all turn into cats (there’s about 15-20 of them), except a few which I missed, then I use TK (telekinesis) to move them all to the couch (and again I miss one who was hiding behind some furniture), then I ask them all, “what does a cat say?” they all answer “WOOF!” in unison. I chuckle at that. I then ask again, this time trying to influence their answer, and they say “MEOW”.
The kids want to watch TV, so I fly around the room (it’s two levels, with a wide ledge holding all kinds of equipment, small pool tables, etc.), find a TV, turn it on, think about ordering popcorn for delivery for the kids, walk to the kitchen, and then a DC asks me, “Is it worth it to sell your soul?”
and I answer a definitive “absolutely not! No temporary pleasure in this life is worth an eternity of pain and suffering”. I see a container of cholcolate ice cream, take a taste, it has no flavor (unfortunately), and I wake up.

So, a nice night of dreaming after all, and even avoided super long insomnia with the galantamine. Mabye I’ve progressed to the point where I don’t let the anticipation of dreaming get in the way of falling asleep. Maybe the galantamine has degraded a bit and is not as strong (it’s past its expiration date). But overall, a fun and instructive night. So now I won’t be afraid of taking galantamine about once a week until my supply runs out.


I received a message today from a dear friend that was so warm, I wrote “This felt like a delightful warm morning hug”… interesting synch :brown_heart:

I do think you have progressed into that. I even dare to say that you don’t need galantamine… we can all do this without it. (I never took it and do not recommend it, especially on a regular basis) :gem:

may this energy and of the group dream hug be also in your days!

thank you for sharing and trusting us with your dreams :pray:t3:


I feel it’s also never enough to reinforce that when we are talking about dreams, there sound not exist pressure…

“The beauty lies in dreaming big while staying happy with simplicity”
Ronan Diego

Here’s a music that I loved when it was released, and this week it came to me again.
for my surprise, it’s about this topic…

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